Early Intervention With Aba Training

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Early Intervention With ABA Training


G Butch

For many parents of a child with Autism or an Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are a large number of terms that are thrown at you rather quickly. While you are still struggling to come to terms with the diagnosis, it can be frustrating to have all of this information given to you quickly and before you can process it all. One of the terms you are likely to hear is early intervention. This term applies to the idea that catching and treating Autism early, through a method such as ABA Therapy, can make a significant difference in your childs chances of recovery. The truth is that early intervention truly does make a large difference.


It is important to understand that there is hope for children with ASD. Even if your child is older, ABA Training can have a remarkable impact and can change the lives of your child and your family as a while. Early intervention, however, does offer the most potential. When started early, during your childs most formative years, ABA Training offers significant hope of helping to rewire certain synapses in their brains, effectively teaching them how to learn and to think critically and creatively. ABA Therapy works through repetition and rewards. While this does mean that the same question is asked time and again until the child can answer without prompt, ABA Therapy is not rote memorization and children are eventually able to answer questions that they have not been provided the answers to. ABA Training works to teach children how to weight different stimuli in regards to importance, how to react and behave properly, and perhaps most importantly, how to critically think and come up with ways to solve problems and answer questions. Many people shudder when told that ABA teaches children to think or learn, but it is not insulting. Children with ASD are exceptionally bright and filled with potential, but they are born without the basic ability many of us have to express themselves or to show their creativity and independent thought. It is simply a part of their brains that did not develop and thus must be trained, and not a measure of inferiority or difference. Early intervention helps this rewiring to work by introducing it as the childs brain is still forming, often allowing them to enter school on time and maintain grades and behaviors on par with their peers. Early intervention through ABA Therapy is an excellent way to teach children. In fact, it is the only treatment covered by most insurance companies. Teaching children begins early and at home for all parents, but for children with an ASD,

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Early Intervention With ABA Training

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