Wikinews interviews Jeremy Hanke, editor of MicroFilmmaker Magazine

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Wikinews held an exclusive interview with Jeremy Hanke, editor of MicroFilmmaker Magazine. The magazine, which is free to read online, was started as a resource for the low budget moviemaker and features book, independent film, equipment and software reviews as well as articles on film distribution, special effects and lighting.

He says that one of the goals of the magazine is to “connect low-budget filmmakers via a feeling of community, as many…..often compete so viciously against one another in film festivals for coveted “shots” with Hollywood, that they can quickly forget their similarities.”

When asked if films made on a shoestring budget can really compete with those made for millions of dollars, he replied, “no…yes…and absolutely. Allow me to explain.” And so he does in the interview below.

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Go Colorful With Nursing Scrubs}

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Submitted by: Mark Simpson

Change is the only constant thing that happens and most of the times this happens for good. It has become the order of the day, as it has affected life style and has changed our attire too. In fact, many industries and fields are getting attracted towards stylish attires and medical field is one of them. Even the doctors, nurses and other medical staff are unable to avoid this revolution in dress. Hence, you will find nurses in various chic and happening nursing scrubs. Earlier these were the preset uniform worn by nurses during surgeries.

Nursing scrubs are not only worn by them but also by people who are working in various medical fields and especially the ones who are medical representatives. But the centre of attraction is still nurses. The scrubs are specifically designed while keeping many things the work profile of the nurses. Generally, nursing scrubs are loose-fitting and comfortable, as nurses have to run here and there to accomplish their work perfectly. With the availability variety of fabrics, especially cottons, these are manufactured in light cotton, because cotton is absorbent properties and also prevents bad smells and odors.

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As we all are aware that being a nurse is not a childs play and requires continuous alertness and monitoring of the patients. Thus, the aim of nursing scrubs is to provide comfort level so that they can execute their tasks efficiently and they always look fresh and clean.

Nursing scrubs are also easy to clean and demand low maintenance. Moreover, they are inexpensive because of the professions demands. A nurse has to change her attire every few months as these get ruined easily and loose their sheen too with time. One can find a variety of scrubs in the market with various designs and patterns. For instance, there are front-button nursing scrubs that are worn by the nurses working outside the operation theatre, and back-button scrubs worn by nurses helping inside the operation theatre. The purpose of these is to provide them with full comfort and complete mobility. However, it is always advisable to do market research before choosing a nursing scrub for various reasons like they should be germs and bacteria prove. If these qualities are absent in the scrubs then it enhances the chances of getting plagued and affected by them.

Moreover, you can also come across colorful designer nursing scrubs, primarily worn by the nurses dealing in pediatric departments. In fact, these ones make a pleasant environment for the children. They also ease the tensions of the children who are going for some surgery. Therefore, if you are working as a nurse and are looking to change your nursing scrubs, then surf the internet and find the best nursing scrubs available in the market only for you. Well, surfing the net or even buying them through a shop, you will come across a variety of colors they are available in, though generally, they are made in white and light blue but these days many hospitals refer colors like pink, purple and green in various sizes, patterns and designs.

About the Author: Mark Simpson has specialization in the business of online trading and medical uniforms are an area of special interest to him. To know more about nursing uniforms, nursing scrubs, medical scrubs, nursing shoes and other kinds of medical uniforms visit


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Historic manuscript “The Housebook” reported sold in Germany

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The German noble family of Waldburg-Wolfegg has sold the manuscript known as the The Housebook to an unknown buyer. There is speculation in the German press that it was purchased by Baron August von Finck who currently resides in Switzerland, and that the price paid was €20 million.

It is unclear whether the purchase is in fact legally valid because the manuscript was sold without the permission of the government of Tübingen required by the law of fideikommiss dissolution (similar to the common law institution Fee tail). German law forbids the export of such a precious manuscript, which is registered in the list of national cultural property.

The Housebook of Wolfegg is an illustrated manuscript that was created after 1480 by an unidentified artist known as the “Master of the Housebook” (or Master of the Amsterdam Cabinet) and possibly other artists. It was exhibited at the National Gallery of Art in the United States in 1998.

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Donald Trump plans £300m “golfing paradise” for rural Scotland

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

American multi-billionaire Donald Trump has announced plans to build a massive golf complex on an 800-acre site just north of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Speaking last night from the Trump Tower in New York, Trump said that the development will be akin to a “homecoming” for him. The ginger-haired property tycoon’s mother is from the Western Isles of Scotland.

The £300m project at Menie in Aberdeenshire will include both a links course and an inland course, and a 400-bedroom hotel as well as a golfing academy and holiday homes. The facilities are being built with the intention of attracting the Open Championship to the site, officially dubbed Trump International Golf Links, Scotland.

Fields and sand-dunes make up the landscape of the coastal site. Trump said of the location, “As soon as I saw it there was no question about it. I looked at 211 fantastic sites all over Europe, but here it is – the dune size and the ocean front. There is no piece of land that I have ever seen that is comparable to this.” The billionaire claims that the complex, set to be his only development outside the United States, will be the “best course in the world.”

Local and national political figures, including Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell, have welcomed the announcement with open arms, as the project is expected to bring in an additional £157m to the region’s economy within the first ten years. Scottish tourism company VisitScotland is also optimistic, expecting an influx of international visitors to play on (or simply visit) the site. Plans to expand the A90 road running past the site in the near future will enable more road traffic to and around the area. An £60m expansion of Aberdeen Airport will also allow for vastly increased international air links, akin to those operated using Boeing 767 aircraft.

Work on the golf complex itself is set to begin in September this year, with the Trump Organisation hopeful for a Spring 2008 opening date.

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Communist Party candidate Shona Bracken, Toronto Danforth

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shona Bracken is running for the Communist Party in the Ontario provincial election in Toronto—Danforth. Wikinews interviewed her regarding her values, her experience, and her campaign.

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Find Emergency Plumbing Services That You Can Rely On

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byAlma Abell

Taking care of a home’s plumbing is one of the most important things a homeowner can do to prolong its lifespan. Many plumbing issues arise from the misuse of toilets and drains to dispose of items they aren’t suited for disposing of. This can cause a lot of problems with a home’s sewer system, creating clogs and backing it up into your home’s sinks and toilets. This can lead to a lot of problems when it comes to water damage, plumbing damage, and can also be an embarrassing situation for you to deal with. It can also lead to the prevention of your family getting rid of their own waste products, as well as preventing them from bathing properly. Getting a situation like this taken care of as soon as possible with Emergency Plumbing Services is recommended, to restore your home’s sewer system back to normal.

Other emergency situations can result in problems in the home, such as a water main bursting or leaks in a home creating water damage and mold growth. When mold grows in a home due to standing water or water damage in the area, it can create a serious health risk to you and your family which can get worse over time. The longer it’s allowed to grow in your home, the sicker your family can potentially get. It’s best to have a professional plumber resolve the situation that first started the mold problem, and then help to remove the mold growth and prevent it from returning. Many plumbers consider mold an emergency situation which requires their assistance as soon as possible.

Plumbing issues can arise when you least expect them, and oftentimes a plumbing nightmare will occur when you’re out of the home which can cause even more damage to occur to areas of your home than you may realize. When dealing with a plumbing emergency that has occurred while gone, you should expect to see extensive water damage in the home to both the home itself and your belongings. Calling for Emergency Plumbing Services as soon as you realize there’s a problem will help prevent further damage, but only if you act quickly.

Visit for quality plumbing repair services.

Arsonist behind Namdaemun gate fire in Seoul imprisoned for 10 years

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Friday, April 25, 2008

The arsonist responsible for setting fire to the historic Sungnyemun gate (more commonly referred to as Namdaemun gate) in Seoul, South Korea in February has been sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment. The 600-year-old landmark was considred one of the nation’s greatest and most iconic, with some sources describing it as the single most important one in the country.

The 69-year-old male defendant has a previous conviction from two years ago for attempting to torch the Changgyeong palace, for which he received a suspended prison sentence and was fined. It is understood he destroyed the Namdaemun gate and attacked the palace over an unconnected land ownership dispute which had angered him. He felt that the compulsory purchase of his home a decade ago had been inadequatly compensated for by the state.

After the fire, residents left flowers at the scene and wrote grieving notes.

Chae Jong-Gi, who admitted the crime, was told of the seriousness of the offence in a statement by the Seoul district court. “A heavy sentence is inevitable as the accused inflicted unbearable agony on the people and damaged national pride… (The monument was) the treasure among all treasures which had survived all kinds of historic disasters. Even if restored, the gate’s originality will never return. Therefore, the nature and consequences of this crime are very serious,” said the statement.

The man is thought to have selected the gate as a target due to lax security measures. In the fire’s aftermath, officials have been criticised over this and concerns that firefighting efforts were ineffective, and the Cultural Heritage Administration‘s chief resigned to show he accepted responsibility for the blaze.

The two storey gate in pagoda style was constructed in 1398 and despite a 1447 rebuild and multiple renovations still contained original timbers prior to the destruction in the fire. Only the stone base survived.

According to the Cultural Heritage Administration, a reconstruction effort will take two to three years and cost 20 billion won (US$21 million).

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The Little Trucks That Could

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Here in Virginia, we have everything from dense and robust forests to major cities. When you need to do work up high, whether it be in on the roof of a house or up in the trees, aerial bucket trucks are the way to go. Aerial bucket trucks, also known as cherry pickers and basket crane trucks, have been helping companies to do work faster and safer for years. What kinds of industries use aerial bucket trucks? How can they improve my business? These are a couple of the questions I will look to answer in this article.

Everyone has seen an aerial bucket truck on the side of the road with busy workers buzzing about, getting their work done. So what industries would make use of one of these trucks? The answer is any industry that would use a ladder. Examples of these industries include construction, forestry, city maintenance, and home improvement. Many industries can utilize a tool such as this, regardless of whether a job is big or small, everything from trimming trees to changing the light bulbs of street lamps. These trucks come in all sizes to fit any job; there isn’t a job that they can’t handle. Any place where a job needs to be done off the ground, aerial bucket trucks make it easier.

So how can an aerial bucket truck help out your business? If your business is currently using ladders on a regular basis then an aerial bucket truck is for you. Think about how much time is wasted going up and down ladders and how easy it would be instead to just move the bucket over. The amount of time you could save, not to mention how much it easier it would be on your employees, is staggering. Thousands of ladder related accidents happen every year. The amount of time it takes to find a new worker, then train him, will cost your company and hurt its efficiency. Using an aerial bucket truck in Roanoke, Virginia will not prevent every accident, but it does add a powerful machine to your disposal that is much safer than what you were using before.

Buying a large tool like an aerial bucket truck isn’t for every company, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need one from time to time. PLREI is the largest supplier of aerial bucket trucks Roanoke, Virginia. They even rent them out for those companies that are not in the market to buy but still need one occasionally for a large job. All new trucks are regulated by DOT, the Department of Transportation, so you know they were built with safety in mind. With a track record for helping businesses get more work done faster, aerial bucket trucks are a tool that needs to be looked into.

Illegal drug found to be used in the manufacture of toys

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bindeez beads, a children’s toy from Australia and manufactured by Moose Enterprise in Hong Kong, is being pulled off toy store shelves in the United Kingdom after traces of an illegal drug, which is converted into gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) when ingested, was found inside the toy. At least 20 million toys are affected.

So far at least three children from the U.K. and at least two from Auckland, New Zealand have fallen seriously ill and are currently receiving medical attention. The toy is also sold in the United States as Aqua Dots, with two reports received by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of children needing hospitalization after ingesting the beads.

“We’ve asked all our customers to take them off the shelf while we retest everything to make sure the toys comply with all regulations,” said the company in a statement, although no mandatory recall has been issued for the product. The statement also says that the plant in Hong Kong was not using a chemical mixture approved by the company.

“This substitution was not at any time approved by Moose nor was Moose made aware of any substitution by the supplier,” added the statement.

The toys were supposed to contain a non-toxic chemical known as 1,5-pentanediol, but instead 1,4-butanediol, which is mainly used in creating the illegal drug GHB, was used in the toys. When humans consume 1,4-butanediol, the body converts it into GHB and could make the individual seriously ill, causing headaches, seizures, dizziness and in some cases death. GHB is a natural chemical found in a variety of things such as beef, wine and some varieties of citrus fruits. It is also used as a pharmaceutical which is sold as Xyrem.

Recent animal research indicates that drugs are available for human use which may work as antidotes to the poison, either by hindering its conversion to GHB with 4-methylpyrazole (fomepizole, Antizol) or by blocking GHB’s effectiveness at the receptor (SCH 50911). Rodent testing has found the lethal dose of 1,4-butanediol to range from 1.4 to 2.5 grams per kilogram body weight, but an antidote can increase the lethal dose by a factor of 10.

It is not known how the chemicals got mixed up, but officials for the toy company say that they are continuing the investigation. The toy is currently banned in all of Australia, but the company says all those who bought it will be refunded their money.

“The issue of how a dangerous substance was used in these beads and not the non-toxic substance … that is going to take us a few more days to uncover,” said Australia’s Fair Trade Minister, Linda Burney in a statement to the press.

The toy was recently named Australia’s number one toy for 2007.

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RU486 Abortion pill hearings begin in Australia

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Friday, February 3, 2006

An Australian Senate inquiry into the abortion pill “RU486” has started public hearings in Melbourne. A controversial conscience vote on the issue to overturn laws which prohibit Australian women’s access to the drug, will be held in Federal parliament on February 9.

The Senate committee is considering a bill to remove ministerial control of the abortifacient drug Mifepristone – or RU486. Health Minister Tony Abbott says the issue of whether to allow women access to the drug “is one of principle.” Abbott, who is against abortion, insists he is the right person to control the drug’s use in Australia.

Besides its use internationally as an “abortion pill”, there may also be a small chance that it may help treat various other medical disorders including prostate cancer, breast cancer, and inoperable brain tumours amongst other conditions. Mifepristone is effectively banned in Australia, with Minister Abbott controlling whether it is made available.

The bill, sponsored by a group of female senators and MPs, would hand Mr Abbott’s powers over to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) – the body that controls all other pharmaceutical drugs in Australia. The bill seeks to have the TGA determine the drug’s availability and not the Health Minister.

Democrats Leader Lyn Allison, said she was “cautiously confident” the parliament will overturn the current arrangements when the conscience vote takes place. “Those who are in favour of the bill are saying this is a choice that ought to be available to women and that on the basis of the studies that have been done overseas it is at least as safe as surgical termination,” Senator Allison said.

Reproductive Choice Australia (RCA)say that medicine is placed at the whim of politics, saying that over 80% of Australians are pro-choice. A national survey found 87% of women aged 18 to 49 support a woman’s right to choose.

RU486 is available in much of western Europe and North America, but was effectively banned in Australia under laws initiated by now-retired pro-life senator Brian Harradine.

Christine Read, medical director of family planning group FPA Health, said Misoprostol, also known as Cytotec, is across the world to invoke contractions to expel the fetus after a woman had taken RU486. “It is used extensively in obstetrics and gynaecology for termination of pregnancy and to induce labour, so it’s used in the medical management of miscarriage,” Dr Read said.

Dr Sharman Stone, said yesterday the issue was not about Misoprostol, but rather that “the TGA should make the decision about any drugs – that is its job. Any other conversations about other drugs are simply irrelevant to this argument,” Dr Stone said.

Family First senator Steve Fielding says lifting a ban on RU486 would pave the way for do-it-yourself home abortions. “RU486 is different to other drugs in that it is an abortion drug which could see do-it-yourself home abortions,” he said in a statement. “The question is, should policy be made by bureaucrats or our elected leaders?

Senator Fielding claims Australians are worried about the high number of abortions in Australia, as reflected in submissions received by the Senate committee.

On Monday the committee will move to Sydney for a final day of hearings.

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