Explosions kill four in Laurel, Nebraska

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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Laurel’s Second Street, east of Elm Street, on February 22, 2010. Image: User:Ammodramus.

Four were killed before dawn last Thursday in two separate residential fires and explosions in the small town of Laurel, Nebraska, United States, in what SWAT are calling “multiple crime scenes”.

Authorities responding to the first explosion at 209 Elm Street around 3 AM found a body, identified Friday as Michele Ebeling, 53, dead on the scene with gunshot wounds. Concurrently, emergency services received a call about another house fire some three blocks away at 503 Elm Street, where residents Gene, Janet and Dana Twiford (aged 86, 85 and 55, respectively), had also died.

Police suspected foul play when the investigation began Friday, concluding the suspect, Jason Jones, 42, lived across the street from one of the houses. A police team infiltrated the suspect’s residence at approximately 2:30 AM, capturing Jones “on probable cause for homicide”. Jones was airlifted to a hospital to treat “serious burns” on his body, and is understood to be severely affected.

Speaking to reporters last Thursday afternoon, State Patrol Superintendent Colonel John Bolduc said that there is no longer any threat to the community, and acknowledged citizens of the Cedar County town of under 1,000 residents may feel a “betrayal of trust” as “a community member here is alleged to have committed these crimes.” He praised “heroic” efforts by fire responders and indicated further suspects include two men in a silver sedan videoed to have left Laurel westbound early Thursday.

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Tips To Search Applications Effectively From The App Store

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Submitted by: Yancy Marry

With more than 700,000 mobile applications available at the Apple App Store, it can be a little overwhelming for users who are browsing through the options and looking for a good mobile application but are not aware of technical details or which categories they should search for. In fact, the recent overhaul introduced by the advent of iOS 6 has made it difficult for even the experienced App Store shoppers to search for the perfect mobile application. Listed below are few tips to help iOS application users find what they are searching for at the App Store in order to ensure maximum user satisfaction and make the most of Apple s services:

1. Featured Section of App Store Apple makes it a point to update the Featured Section of its App Store every Friday each week. That is why visiting this section is recommended on Friday. Every Friday, the Apple editors choose the best app to place it in the Noteworthy and New section. Updates to old apps are also made on this day of the week. Moreover, a user can also get lucky and win a free app under the Featured Section on Friday. Every category of app selling at the App Store is available in the Featured Section; visiting this section on Friday will help users to narrow down their choices if they are concerned about a particular category of software. The redesigned App Store contains features that are more accessible to existing and potential users. For instance, the buttons appearing at the top help App Store visitors to easily locate the software categories; the More tab under the category options assists users to identify mobile applications under a larger list of more elaborate All Categories section.


2. Charts Section of App Store If a user is technically highly equipped and would thus want to use only the best mobile applications featured in the App Store, visiting the Charts Section is recommended. Only chart topping apps are listed under this section; they are further divided into the categories of FREE, Paid, and Top Grossing apps. Upon visiting this section, the user will see a default view that lists iOS applications of all categories. But the user can choose his/her preferred category by typing its name on the left hand corner of the top of the screen. Upon entering the subsequent screen, most users will be presented with a screen that presents a look similar to the previous one. But users searching for particular iOS mobile apps like gaming or news must take care to click on the further buttons that appear to get access to features such as adventure games, news magazines, etc. respectively. The advanced app searching tips on the App Store enables Apple mobile customers search by category within every section as opposed to the previous norm of the App Store that allowed searching only by categories.

The redesigned model of Apple s operating system, the iOS 6 has introduced the updated searching tips for apps on the App Store. Mobile researchers often point out that lack of knowledge of the searching patterns within the App Store may pose difficulty for a first time user. The above mentioned simple steps may be followed to ensure ease and lack of confusion while searching for software through the Apple App Store.

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New method of displaying time patented

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Example “TWELV” time display with translation

An American inventor has patented a pair of new time formats with a footprint less than 50% of that of conventional four-digit time. The more unusual of the two new formats, called “TWELV”, dispenses with numerals altogether. In place of clock hands or digits, the new clock uses color to convey the hour and a moon image to convey the minute, which moon slowly grows throughout the course of an hour from a narrow crescent to a full-fledged circle.

The second and more approachable of the new formats retains numerical digits to indicate the minute but uses colors to convey the hour.

Early critics question whether the aesthetic benefits of the moon-clock will be sufficient to encourage users to learn the color-based time-telling system. However, the size advantages of the new system may make it particularly suitable for mobile applications, particularly cell phones, wearable computers, and head-mounted displays.

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First winter snowfall in New Zealand

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Saturday, June 4, 2005

Snowfall on a lake

Overnight Friday a Southerly storm brought snow to both the Southern Alps and the central North Island mountains of New Zealand for the first time this year, closing major roads and stranding travellers at the start of the Queens Birthday holiday weekend. Police and the AA urged motorists to drive with extra care and to the conditions this weekend.

This photo, taken at 7.30 PM, shows the local Waiouru police officer telling a Transit NZ official that slushy snow on the alternative route had now iced up. He said big city drivers, not used to these conditions, were driving too fast and sliding into each other.

In the North Island, State Highway 1 between Waiouru and Rangipo, the Desert Road was closed by deep snow at 3 PM on Friday afternoon. Other roads in the area, including other parts of State Highway 1 between Bulls and Turangi, State Highway 4, via National Park, and 49, via Ohakune, were closed at 8 PM.

These road closures stopped all traffic through the centre of the North Island. About 200 travellers were reported to have spent the night at the Waiouru Army Camp, being accommodated in the Marae and the Barracks. Grit trucks and snow ploughs worked overnight to clear the snow and reopen roads, with the Desert Road finally being reopened about 12:30 PM Saturday.

Together with a slip threatening to close State Highway 3 in the Manawatu Gorge and damage to State Highway 2 after floods in the Bay of Plenty a couple of weeks ago, the only reliable alternative route for travellers around the North Island was via Wanganui and Taranaki.

In the South Island, Police and the AA advised that chains were essential when travelling over the mountain passes.

Yesterday, Mount Hutt skifield announced it would be opening Saturday morning. Early Saturday morning, skiers were reported to be queuing at the gates of Mount Hutt skifield, eager to get the first opportunity to hit the slopes in 2005. Other South Island ski fields were also indicating June opening dates.

The weather outlook is for cold southerly winds and rain over the Queens Birthday holiday weekend, with snow down to 400m in the South Island.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=First_winter_snowfall_in_New_Zealand&oldid=1682826”

How To Find The Best Weed Gummies ?

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Read on to find out..

Did you know that weed gummies are the most popular weed-infused edibles in Canada? A study in 2019 found that 48% of likely edible consumers would choose gummies. It’s not hard to see their appeal. The brightly coloured treats appeal to adults just like regular candy does to kids.

Most Canadians who use edibles choose them because they feel they are safer and easier to use than other ways of consuming cannabis. They’re also growing in popularity with medical users, who find them a safe and dependable way to get relief.

That’s especially true now thatweed gummiesare available to buy online. Rather than trying to make DIY edibles at home, you can now rely on the experts to craft good-quality gummies that offer incredible highs. But how do you choose between the countless gummies on the market?

Read on to find out:

What to look for in a great edibleWhy so many Canadians are choosing ediblesHow to get the best out of your gummies

But first, you need to understand how weed-infused edibles affect you.

How Do Weed-Infused Edibles Work?

Weed gummies affect your body differently from smoking or vaping. When you smoke or vape, cannabinoids can pass straight from your lungs to your bloodstream. You’ll feel the effects almost immediately.

When you eat weed-infused edibles, the cannabis passes into your digestive system. From there, it’s metabolized by your liver before it eventually reaches your bloodstream. That means it takes a lot longer for the active cannabinoids—THC and CBD—to affect you.

Because it takes much longer for weed-infused edibles to affect you, it’s important not to go too hard too fast! Wait at least 90 minutes after taking your first dose to see if you feel any effects. It’s easy to overdo it on gummies, especially if you’re expecting an immediate high. Instead, wait it out and you’ll be rewarded.

People metabolizecannabis ediblesin very different ways. For some, a minimal dose (1-2mg) will leave them feeling pretty high. Others will need more than 20mg to feel any effect. Typically, 2.5–10mg is a suitable dose for most people.

Why People Love Weed Gummies ?

Gummies are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis in Canada. Medical and recreational users are drawn to them for lots of reasons, including:

1.They’re DiscreetWeed gummies are one of the easiest and most discreet ways to get high. Unlike smoking, you don’t need to learn how to roll the perfect joint. And you don’t need to fork out for any accessories like vape pens, grinders, or bongs.

Instead, you can simply pop some gummies in your pocket and enjoy whenever the mood takes you. For medical users, gummies are easy to have on hand when you need relief from pain oranxietywhile on the go.

2.They’re Easy to DoseAll weed-infused edibles in Canada must come clearly labeled with their THC content. The THC content is written on the packet in milligrams (mg). The maximum serving size is 10mg, but that’s not necessarily the recommended serving for everyone.

If you’re new to weed gummies, try a 2.5mg or 5mg dose to start with. You can do this easily by splitting a gummy in half or quarters. Unlike smoking or vaping, you’ll know exactly how much you’ve taken. Getting the right dose of edibles is important, so pay attention.

3.They’re PredictableAnother benefit of weed gummies is that they’re very predictable. Of course, every brand will vary, so pay attention to the THC and CBD content of the gummies you’re buying. But if you find a brand you like, you can be reasonably sure you’ll have the same experience every time.

4.They Have Fewer RisksLots of people choose weed gummies because they don’t like the idea of smoking or vaping. That’s an understandable concern, and for those people, weed gummies can be a great choice.

Because edibles are ingested rather than inhaled, you avoid some of the unwanted chemicals that you inhale when smoking. This could be especially relevant for medical users, who may not want to smoke for various medical reasons.

Calls for corporate tax reform in Australia goes unheeded

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Peter Costello’s budget announcement has led to rejoicing for small businesses, but the lack of joy for those pushing for radical corporate taxation reform has led to many businesses asking “what about us?”

Personal taxation and small business have been the big winners after this year’s federal budget. Although dampened by the twin economic threats of rising interest rates and petrol prices, there should be a reasonable amount of real income savings for both low and high income earners, with those receiving Medicare, or a superannuation benefit, privy to an even lower level of taxation (0% for those on super benefits).

Small business also has benefited from the Howard government’s 11th annual budget, with them receiving a higher level of reducing depreciation, leading to a higher level of deductions in the years following the uptake of new technology or other capital. They are also privy to a AU$435 million dollar tax cut to compensate for their changing accounting requirements under the government’s new AIFRS reporting standards, as well as increasing the uptake of both the small business tax relief scheme and CGT (Capital Gains tax) Concessions.

The budget was not a complete loss for big business however, as superannuation laws have been tweaked to streamline contribution and payment rules previously impeding those with multitudes of staff.

But this is not enough, says Big 4 accounting firm Ernst & Young. In their newly published paper “Taxation of Investment in Australia: the need for ongoing reform”. In it they lead the charge for a greater streamlining and organization of the corporate tax system in Australia, submitting that it will lead to reductions in “disincentives to work save and invest in Australia [as well as improving] the international competitiveness of Australian businesses.” This follows from a recent report brought out by Mr. Costello himself about the need for tax reform in Australia.

A budget night Mr. Costello was notably coy about any future reform of corporate tax in Australia. He alluded to the report by his ministers but kept from outlining the government’s plan precisely.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Calls_for_corporate_tax_reform_in_Australia_goes_unheeded&oldid=565549”

Major explosions at UK oil depot

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Location of Hemel Hempstead within the UK
A shot of the fire taken near the depot

A series of large explosions have occurred close to Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire, UK. The source of the explosions has been confirmed as the Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal (HOSL), Hemel Hempstead, known locally as the Buncefield complex. Up to 150 fire fighters are reported to be at the scene with 10 fire appliances and 1 specialist foamer.

The first ‘blast’ was heard near Hemel Hempstead on Sunday 11 Dec at 6 am. Further smaller explosions followed at 6:24am , 6:26am, 6:30am. BBC News 24 reported an additional, fourth large explosion. Hertfordshire Police Constabulary are currently treating the explosion as an accident.

Reports say the explosion, which registered 2.4 on the Richter scale, was heard as far away as Oxford, and Whitehall, Central London which is 60km (38 miles) away. Eyewitness statements report that the explosion was heard from at least 160km (100 miles) away and as far away as France and The Netherlands. Pilots reported noticing the blast from the North Sea and the West Country area of the UK. The M1 motorway which runs close by has been closed in both directions near the blast which is causing travel chaos as other roads become congested.

Malcom Stewart, a BBC News24 eyewitness who is a tanker driver for the site has reported that the site supplies several oil companies and is a joint operation between Total UK and Texaco, it is also used by BP, Shell and the British Pipeline association. The complex is not a refinery but a storage facility for refined petroleum awaiting distribution to airports and filling stations. The eyewitness reports that the depot has approximately 20 tanks which can hold about 3 million gallons (11 million litres or 70,000 barrels) each. Another News24 eyewitness has just reported that he has seen at least 5 of these tanks on fire.

Satellite image of Hemel Hempstead fuel explosion showing black smoke from the explosion near London

The depot operates on a 24 hour basis and is split into 2 parts – aviation fuel and domestic fuel. A number of eyewitnesses have reported on UK news that the aviation fuel side appears to be the part of the site that has been affected.

Local authorities were not immediately available for comment but there have been reports of casualties.

Some reports on live television state that, “Several other neighbours said they did see a plane go into the depot.” BBC News 24 were also discussing the idea a possible plane crash as the cause of the explosions. Hertfordshire police have now gone on the record to say that there is no plane involved (BBC News24).

The police have issued a contact number 0800 096 0095 and asked that people do not call the emergency services in Hertfordshire directly unless it is an emergency.

Buncefield Fire, taken from Dunsmore, Bucks – about 20miles away.

In addition to being an oil storage depot, it is a major hub on the UK oil pipeline network with pipelines to Killingholme Lindsey Oil Refinery (LOR), Humberside (10 inch), Merseyside (10 and 12 inch), Coryton on the Thames Estuary (14 inch) and Heathrow (6 and 8 inch) and Gatwick airports radiating from it.

The disaster is believed to be the worst explosion at a petrochemical plant in the UK since the Flixborough disaster of 1974.Hertfordshire’s Chief Fire Officer Roy Wilsher said: “This is possibly the largest incident of its kind in peacetime Europe.”

A firefighting press officer said that they are stock piling foam from neighboring regions for a prolonged attach which they hope will stop the spread of the fire, however, the inferno itself will have to burn out which could take between 24 hours and a few days.

Despite the authorities saying that there is no need to panic buy petrol, filling stations have had above average queues since this morning and some small garages have ran out.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has visited the scene.

Smoke Viewed from St Albans
Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Major_explosions_at_UK_oil_depot&oldid=4454020”

Russian spy deported out of Canada

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The alleged Russian spy who called himself Paul William Hampel was deported out of Canada on Tuesday. It is believed by CSIS, the Canadian intelligence agency, that Hampel was part of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service.

Justice Pierre Blais, who took his case, ordered the alleged Russian spy’s deportation on December 4th. Customs Canada sent the man to the airport at 11:00 p.m. on Christmas Day. The man arrived in the Russian capital at 7:35 the next day.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said that Russia provided papers to allow the man to return to his home country.

“He was closely monitored the whole time,” Day told the Canadian Press on Tuesday. “We didn’t think he was a risk to flee but the usual procedures were in place.”

“As this case demonstrates, individuals who do not respect our laws and threaten the safety of our communities are not welcome in Canada.”

Day also said the incident would not ruin Canada’s relations with Russia.

“We understand that these things go on in the world, the Russians understand that also.”

The man, when he was in Montreal’s federal court, said that he is a Russian citizen that is in Canada illegally. The judge, who took his case, allowed Hampel’s true identity to remain secret. When Hampel was arrested he was carrying more than $7,800 in many currencies and three mobile phones.

Hampel stayed in Canada for about 10 years.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Russian_spy_deported_out_of_Canada&oldid=772138”

Killtest Implementation Engineer (Emcie) E20 368 Actual Questions}

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US soldier who died after serving in Liberia tests negative for Ebola

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tests yesterday proved negative for Ebola on the remains of a US soldier who died in Texas after deployment to Liberia. The 24-year-old had been monitoring potential symptoms of the disease.

Electron micrograph of Ebola virus, from file. Image: Centers for Disease Control / Dr. Frederick Murphy.

An initial screen was clear yesterday but a more conclusive test, mandated by the Center for Disease Control, was required. That also proved negative and state and national officials have been appraised.

The Killeen Police Department continues to investigate the soldier’s death. He has not been named publicly. He died at his home near Fort Hood military base. Fort Hood said the soldier had been involved in constructing a hospital to combat Ebola in Africa, and returned to the US on emergency leave earlier this month.

His self-monitoring was routine after deployment to fight Ebola. He was not directly exposed to the disease. One national government official anonymously told reporters Ebola concerns were prompted by a pool of vomit found alongside the deceased.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=US_soldier_who_died_after_serving_in_Liberia_tests_negative_for_Ebola&oldid=3208170”