Crystal Pendulums For Self Help}

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Crystal Pendulums For Self Help

A crystal pendulum is a bright crystal attached to either a chain or a cord and used for divination. The chain or cord is usually at least six inches in length, and a shoelace will work well if you don’t have a chain or cord. Pendulums have been used for centuries, and I have a few pendulums that I use for different purposes, as each of them has a different vibration. They are also used for aura cleansing and during religious ceremonies.

You don’t need a special pendulum or even a fancy one if you plan to use it for divination, anything that can be attached via a cord or chain will do. I’ve also attached them with shoestrings or wire that I purchased at the hardware store. Also, any kind of twine, string, or even a strip of left over cloth can be used. The cloth in itself can be brightly colored or coorespond with any chakra which you are attempting to activate. Your choices are numerous!

Usually the crystal at the end of the pendulum is pointed, although I’ve made potent pendulums from all sorts of stones, including strawberry quartz and an apophylite pyramid. They will work no matter what stone you chose. Just allow yourself to be open to the vibration of the crystal, and you will find the right pendulum for you.

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Many people feel that a pendulum is an extension of ourselves, the extra arm or spiritual part which connects to the divine. It is essentially an extension of our own being and of our spiritually.

Pendulums are also used as protection against evil spirits or unforeseen circumstances.

Pendulums are mostly used to answer questions regarding everyday life and they are very effective. They are very useful in this regard.

They are also used over the body, especially the chakra areas, in order to determine blockages or any kind of hindrance in the emotional, spiritual, mental or physical part of the system.

My grandfather was a water witch, so his pendulum per se was an old willow branch. He divined for water on his farm in Kansas, as he needed a well for his farm and his family. The well he found was full of water for nearly eighty before it finally dried up two years ago. This technique is called pendulum dowsing, and can also be used for finding oil and other minerals.

Crystal pendulum usage is primarily an activity that you’ll do by yourself. It’s best done when in a meditative mood and when one is calm and relaxed., and also when you’re not apt to be disturbed.

A pendulum swings back and forth from the reader’s fingertips. Quite often, it will also swing in a circle, either clockwise or counterclockwise. The weight at the end of the pendulum is called a bob, and a bob can be any kind of crystal, metal, or found object.

If you wish further information, please feel free to contact me. I’m always eager to answer any questions about crystals, jewelry, psychic endeavors, or anything else. Warm wishes…Kay

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NASA issues survivability report on Columbia crash

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Friday, January 2, 2009

NASA has issued a report on survivability during the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, entitled “Columbia Crew Survival Investigation Report”. Although the report finds the accident was impossible to survive, it still faulted a number of design issues with the astronauts’ equipment.

The accident investigation report was released in 2003, the year of the crash. During launch on January 16, the spacecraft’s wing was holed when a chunk of foam detached and struck it. The shuttle then broke up on re-entry on February 1 over Texas, killing the seven on board.

This new report reveals details of what happened to the astronauts during the accident sequence, although some parts have remained confidential to the victims’ families. The report reveals that within seconds of the breakup commencing the crew became unconscious due to the rapid depressurization and that they never regained consciousness prior to their deaths.

The report notes that the cabin began spinning wildly, causing some of the astronauts’ helmets to come off. The report noted that most on board were secured only by lap harnesses that offered no restraint to the upper body and were not designed to cope with sideways motion, meaning “lethal trauma” was caused by the rotation. However, the report was unable to determine whether the astronauts had died from oxygen deprivation or the extreme nature of their injuries.

The pressure suits the crew wore, introduced after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, were criticised as the crew could not keep their visors down throughout re-entry due to a design limitation that would have caused excess levels of oxygen to be present had they done so, leaving the suits unsealed. The gloves also made many tasks difficult or impossible. When the accident occurred, three people were not wearing gloves, one was not wearing a helmet, and none had their visors down. The helmets also did not conform to the heads of the wearers.

Upon disintegration, the occupants were exposed to extreme heat and high friction from re-entry. The astronauts likely died very quickly, and were probably dead by the time Columbia broke apart.

The report added that although the crew all wore parachutes, they had to be activated by the crew — impossible as they were unconscious. The report concluded that future spacecraft require sturdier construction and better restraints, while safety devices should be automatic. NASA is designing better suits and helmets.

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Wikinews interviews Jeremy Hanke, editor of MicroFilmmaker Magazine

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Wikinews held an exclusive interview with Jeremy Hanke, editor of MicroFilmmaker Magazine. The magazine, which is free to read online, was started as a resource for the low budget moviemaker and features book, independent film, equipment and software reviews as well as articles on film distribution, special effects and lighting.

He says that one of the goals of the magazine is to “connect low-budget filmmakers via a feeling of community, as many…..often compete so viciously against one another in film festivals for coveted “shots” with Hollywood, that they can quickly forget their similarities.”

When asked if films made on a shoestring budget can really compete with those made for millions of dollars, he replied, “no…yes…and absolutely. Allow me to explain.” And so he does in the interview below.

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The Place To Call When Looking At Homes For Sale In Woodmere

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The overall real estate market is slowly recovering, and many people are looking to buy their first home. Many folks wanting to buy their first home are tempted to tackle this goal by themselves. Before trying to buy a home alone a person should consider the positive merits of hiring a real estate agent.

A person looking at Homes For Sale in Woodmere should consider hiring an agent from Lori & Associates LI Realty Inc. They have 18 agents in the office and can assist home-buyers with a home purchase in Woodmere and surrounding areas. They even have an in-house mortgage broker that can help a home buyer with financing programs that best fits a customers needs.

There are additional reasons to hire a real estate agent. One of the biggest advantages is their knowledge of the real estate market. Real estate agents are self-employed through their broker. This is one reason that real estate agents work longer hours than most people. These long hours give agents an intimate knowledge of the areas they work. They also have knowledge of local schools, local points of interest, restaurants and shopping,etc.Another reason to hire a real estate agent is convenience. An agent can find properties that meet a buyer’s criteria. They also save a buyer time by setting up appointments to view properties in person. When it comes time to making an offer a buyer’s real estate agent negotiates with the other parties involved.

Before the papers are signed the agent and buyer will do a final walk through. The walk through is done to ensure that the property is in the same shape as when the offer was first made. Agents can write offers enabling a buyer to pull out of the deal if the property had received damage since the offer was made. When the time comes to sign all of the papers the buyer’s agent is present to make sure everything is in order.

A person looking at Homes For Sale in Woodmere should seriously consider hiring a real estate to represent them. An agent looks at real estate deals objectively, and has a professional obligation to represent a buyer’s best interest. Buying a home is usually the largest investment a person makes in their life, and trying to do it alone can have disastrous results.

Taiwan breaks bicycle parade world record

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

In Taiwan, more than 2,000 people participated in the “Ten Thousand People for BIKE” bicycle parade challenge, organized by Volvic Taiwan and Body Marketing Co., Ltd. to break the previous “Largest Parade of Bicycles” record, which was set at 641 bicycles during a 2006 record attempt in Netherlands.

VIPs invited by the organizers included the current Chinese Nationalist Party legislator Chih-hsiung Huang, the Director of the Department of Public Sports of Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan (R.O.C., Taiwan) Tai-lin Peng, and Guinness World Records referee Stuart Claxton. They witnessed the new record, and Deputy Commissioner of Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan (R.O.C., Taiwan) Hwang-lang Tsai led out for the starting of this event.

The record-breaking parade crossed five riverside parks (Dajia Section, Yingfeng Section, Guanshan Section, Rainbow Section, and Meiti Section) over an estimated 13.7 kilometres (3.2 km to set the new record, and 10.5 km for free riding).

The previous record was broken when the 642nd rider passed the recording gate near 8:47 a.m.. A 36-year-old engineer from Taoyuan County named Fang-tien Lin was the 642nd lucky rider. In the end, this event created a new record with 1901 riders riding in a great bicycle parade within 1 hour and 8 minutes.

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Australia: Victoria lockdown extended by a week with 85 active cases recorded

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Yesterday, with 85 active cases of COVID-19 in the Australian state of Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews has extended the state’s current lockdown by a week until July 27 at 11:59 p.m. (0159 UTC).

Since a five-day lockdown was first announced last Thursday, cases have been recorded in areas across Victoria, including Phillip Island, Mildura and Barwon Heads. Notably, Mildura’s COVID-19 case, which was recorded on Sunday, is their first in 15 months. Thirteen new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Victoria yesterday.

Red zone travel permits, required for residents of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory for entry into Victoria, are temporarily paused. Andrews said that while this decision would “cause a real challenge for many people”, he justified this decision by saying that “things are too unstable—too uncertain and frankly out of control from a virus point of view in Sydney”.

State health minister Martin Foley stated, “We’ve had thousands of Victorians return from New South Wales in recent weeks, but with the situation escalating, the recent incursions and the increased infectiousness of the Delta variant, we must act to protect Victoria and temporarily pause Red Zone Permits.”

Restrictions remain the same from the initial Thursday announcement. Under the regulations, there are only five reasons to leave home: for food and supplies; exercise; care or caregiving; work or education, if not possible from home; and to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In exercising, people cannot go more than 5 kilometers (3 mi) away from their home, and for no more than two hours. The vaccination should be administered at the nearest possible location. Face masks remain mandatory both outdoors and indoors, except at home.

A press release from the premier’s office said the COVID-19 Delta variant is moving “faster than anything Victoria’s public health experts have seen before”, adding as a result “we need to limit movement for a longer period of time”. The press release also noted over 15 thousand close contacts of cases in quarantine, over 250 exposure sites across the state, and the COVID-19 daily case numbers remaining in double digits.

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New legal British tender revealed

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For the first time in 40 years, the Royal Mint has chosen a new set of designs for the reverse of the coins, first introduced in the Coin Design Competition 2005. The designer, Matthew Dent of Bangor, North Wales, was paid £35,000 (GBP) for his designs, which depict the Shield of the Royal Arms spread over the six denominations below £1, with the entire shield embossed on the £1 coin.

The new coins are expected to come into circulation this summer – and Mr Dent envisions a success: “I can imagine people playing with them, having them on a tabletop and enjoying them. I felt it was important to have a theme running through from one to another.” he said, referring to the puzzle-like nature of the new design, which requires the coins to be arranged in a particular way to see the Shield of the Royal Arms.

The chief executive of the Royal Mint, Andrew Stafford, has said that the obverse of the coins will still depict the portrait of the Queen, like it has since 1998. The old coins will remain legal tender until they slip out of circulation.

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Ski Vacation Equipment Questions And Answers

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Submitted by: Andy Page

When you are planning a ski vacation, many questions are bound to come up regarding ski equipment. Ski equipment can be expensive to buy or rent, so it is good to be have a plan for what you are going to do about ski equipment before you head for ski resort.

To prepare yourself for a thrilling ski vacation, get the answers regarding renting or buying ski equipment. We have listed several commonly asked questions and answers.

I should buy ski equipment or rent it?

This depends primarily on how often you ski and whether you are just taking up skiing or you are an experienced skier. If you are a beginner, it will often make more sense for you to rent the equipment rather than buying it. The equipment is expensive and could be used on only a few trips if your interest in the sport declines or if your skills and interest grows rapidly and you want to upgrade. However, if you are an experienced skier and go on ski vacations at regular intervals, purchasing the equipment is a good option because you can purchase precisely and you won t have to spend the extra time and effort renting equipment each time you ski and hoping the shop has something available that will suit you.

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Where should I rent ski equipment from?

The two main options are renting ski equipment form a local ski shop near your home or renting the equipment at or near the ski resort. Many local ski shops offer packages where you can rent skis, poles and ski boots for an entire season. The full season rental option can be a good value if you plan to take several ski vacations a year. It is a particularly good option for kids, since they grow and improve so quickly they often need new equipment by the following year. An advantage of renting your equipment at a local shop is that it is typically quite a bit less expensive than at a shop at the mountain and you can pick up your equipment ahead of time instead of taking whatever is on hand at the resort. The flip side is, if you rent locally you have to get your transport your ski equipment which will require a ski rack or a car with enough room. Another advantage of renting at the mountain is that if you have problems with your ski or boots fit or performance, you can typically exchange them at no cost. Some equipment shops at resorts also their customers keep their equipment at the shop overnight for free. Check it out with the shop if they provide that option.

What does rental package usually include?

Rental packages usually include skis, boots and poles. You will typically get a choice of standard or performance skis. The performance skis are often referred to as demos because they typically have that model of ski for sale in the shop. Ski helmets can also be rented and have become a very common site on the slopes over the last several years. Ski helmets certainly don t take all the risk out of skiing, but they can prevent serious injury and even death in certain ski accidents.

What is a full day ski school package?

A typical package would include all your basic requirements including the ski equipment. You will be allowed to use the equipment for whole day. The instructors will typically help you make sure you have the appropriate equipment and setup before you take to the slopes. Packages are offered as private lessons (one student and one instructor), small groups, or large groups.

Should I opt for insurance while renting equipment?

Most shops will offer damage insurance with ski rentals for a few extra dollars per day. It might seem irritating to pay this extra cost, but it can pay off if you encounter some unexpected rocks on the slope that damage your skis. Ski repair is expensive and a deep scratch or gouge in your ski could cost a hundred dollars or more to repair, especially if the metal edge of the ski is damaged.

Should I rent individually or as a package?

Shops usually offer the option of renting items individually or as a package. The package is usually the way to go if you need all the equipment. If you have your own boots or skis, then renting just what you need would make sense.

There are many incredible places to ski in the United States, but Colorado stands out for the number and quality of the ski resorts. Ask almost any skier who has had the good fortune of going on a Colorado ski vacation and they are likely to rave about it.

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Oral Roberts University president accused of illegal political donations and financial misappropriation

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Richard Roberts, the President of Oral Roberts University, and his wife, Lindsay Roberts, are accused of illegal political contributions, financial wrong-doing, and wrongful firings in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The lawsuit was filed by three former professors who claim “they were wrongfully dismissed after reporting the school’s involvement in a local political race.” According to KTEN television news, “Roberts’ statement says personal expenses are charged to him and he personally pays them on a monthly basis.” On October 3, Roberts “told students and faculty during his weekly chapel Wednesday that the lawsuit is about intimidation, blackmail and extortion.”

Richard has been president of ORU since his father, Oral Roberts university founder and former faith healer, “semi-retired” in 1993.

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Brazilian President Lula met Chavez, military and economic cooperation

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

CARACAS, Venezuela —The Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva met the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on February 14, 2005 in Caracas, Venezuela. Brazil and Venezuela signed agreements of cooperation on many areas. According to the Brazilian government this was a strategical encounteur. This meeting is the first of three meetings that President Lula will have with South American Presidents in three days. The scheduled meetings are with the presidents of: Venezuela (February, 14), Guiana (February, 15) and Suriname (February, 16).

President Lula was accompanied by the following comitiva: the Minister of Development, Industry, and External Trade Luiz Fernando Furlan, the Minister of Finance Antônio Palocci, the Minister of Foreign Relations Celso Amorim, the Minister of Health Humberto Costa, the Minister of Mines and Energy Dilma Roussef, the Minister of Tourism Walfrido Mares Guia, the President of Petrobras José Eduardo Dutra, the President of National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES) Guido Mantega, the President of Eletrobrás Silas Rondeau Cavalcante Silva and the Special Secretary for Aquaculture and Fisheries José Fritsch. In addition a delegation of executives representing enterprises from Brazil accompanied the President.

The Brazilian Ministry of External Relations told the trip aims the construction of a strategical alliance and commercial integration between both countries. The Brazilian Presidential Advisor Marco Aurélio Garcia said:”With this gesture, Brazil will consolidate one of its major political goals, which is the constitution of a South American community of nations”. He added: “These agreements with Venezuela are strategical. We want this agreement as a model for other agreements in the region.”

According to President Lula the integration of the Latin America is the priority number one of his government. Days before the arrival in Venezuela and commenting about the trip Lula said: “We’re going to do the same thing in Colombia and in other countries in which integration is no longer a campaign speech but part of the way we deal with real things, day to day”.

The integration of the Latin America is the politics repeatedly proposed by Lula during the meetings of the Foro de São Paulo. According to him and the others members of the Foro there must be a integration among all the left parties and governments of Latin America. The union aims to be an alternative and opposing force to the politics and influence of the richest countries, mainly the United States. Among the organizations which are usually participants of the Foro de São Paulo are: Communist Party of Cuba, Colombian Communist Party, Communist Party of Bolivia, Communist Party of Brazil, Workers’ Party, Paraguayan Communist Party, Peruvian Communist Party, Socialist Party of Peru, National Liberation Army, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity, Tupamaros.

On December 4, 2001 during the 10th edition of the Foro de São Paulo in Havana Lula said:”A shoal of small fish may mean the finishing of the hungry in our countries, in out continent. We should not think as the History ended on our journey by the Earth. Even it happens just once, or with one gesture, let’s effectively contribute to the improve the life of millions of human beings who live socially excluded by this neoliberal model.”[1]

In Venezuela, once again, he brought out the integration wish: “This is the biggest dream I am carrying, that we can negotiate collectively, not like one country, but like a set of countries so we can do that our people may have the chance to conquer the full citizenship.”

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