Gunman shoots doctor, then kills mother and self at Maryland hospital

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A man shot a faculty physician as well as his own mother before killing himself at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The shooting occurred on the eighth floor of the Nelson Building, the hospital’s main building. Baltimore police found the suspected shooter, who had been barricaded inside his mother’s hospital room for several hours before killing himself and his mother.

At around 11:15 a.m. EDT (1515 UTC), an unnamed doctor was shot in the chest at a patient area of the Nelson Building’s thoracic center. All major hospital facilities were placed under a lockdown, and some medical personnel were evacuated from the Nelson Building. The doctor was sent to surgery at the hospital, and police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said that the doctor will likely survive the incident. He was not aware of any connections between the suspect and the doctor, who was in critical condition.

A nurse at the hospital told The Baltimore Sun that the shooter was dissatisfied with how his mother had been treated and even said that he was going to jump out of a window. The nurse said that, upon hearing gunshots, she ran.

Earlier, Baltimore area police said that they were “in the process of a tactical operation” to capture the gunman, who was holed up on the eighth floor. A spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that it had been assisting local police in the incident. A Johns Hopkins spokesperson had previously said that authorities had taken the shooter into custody, but police said that the report was incorrect.

The suspect, who had not taken any hostages, was described as a black man in his thirties. After a standoff lasting for three hours, law enforcement officers moved into his mother’s hospital room, and found both him and his mother dead from gunshot wounds to their heads. The suspect was first identified as 50-year-old Warren Davis, and his mother as Jean Davis. Police later said that “Warren Davis” was an alias and that his real name was not known.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld, who said that the department is “treating this case as a murder-suicide,” said that no officers reported hearing the shots that killed the two. Police had previously said that the gunman had been shot and killed by police, but police later said that that report was incorrect.

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Students pass out forcing Michigan school to evacuate

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Catholic school in Michigan, United States was evacuated today after several students became sick during a church service.

Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Director Rick Matott said St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic School evacuated its 860 students around 9 a.m. EDT today. At least three children had passed out during the church service. Two children reportedly had to be taken to area hospitals.

Medical crews and hazardous material experts responded to the school to determine the cause of the illness. However, it is still not known what caused the students to become sick.

Students walked to the nearby Oakland Community College campus while they waited for their parents to pick them up.

St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic School is about 15 miles northwest of Detroit.

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Australian government provides $15.8 million for North Adelaide Technical College

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Australian Minister for Vocational Education and Training, Gary Hardgrave has announced the government will provide AU$15.8 million to establish an Australian Technical College in North Adelaide. The minister said the government was entering into a partnership with the Archdiocese of Adelaide and consortium of industrial and manufacturing companies.

The North Adelaide college will be located in Elizabeth and be operated as an independent non-government school. The college is one of 25 to be established across the country.

Enrolments at the college will begin in 2007 and will offer courses in areas where identified skills shortages exist in the North Adelaide region, specifically – engineering, construction, electronics and cooking.

Mr Hardgrave said that the proposed college had been popular among the North Adelaide business community. “This important initiative has been well received by North Adelaide business and industry, and will help to address skills needs and provide opportunities for those in greatest need, including a lot of Indigenous students in the region,” Mr Hardgrave said.

“The fact that this College is being led by local employers, local government and other key stakeholders, means it will be truly industry and community driven,” he said.

Australian Technical Colleges were established to cater for year 11 and 12 students who wish to do an apprenticeship as part of their school education.

The Australian Education Union has expressed a number of concerns about the model put forward by the government. In a report, they claim that trade facilities at TAFE colleges (operated by state governments) will deteriorate as funding is diverted to the ATCs. The union is also concerned that ATCs are supposed to be selective VET schools. According to the union they will have selective entry and preferential funding. It is feared that teachers will be lured away from schools and TAFE colleges to higher paid positions in ATCs.

The Education Union suggested that the government invest in schools that already offer vocational education programs.

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Kata Air An-32 crashes – all presumed dead

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

 This story has updates See All confirmed dead on Kata Air An-32, Moldova asks for Russian investigational help 

Kata Air Transport (Sudan) Antonov An-32 crashed at 19.15 GMT on approach to Chisinau International Airport in Moldova, presumably killing all eight (8) aboard. The aircraft departed the airfield for Khartoum, Sudan at approximately 1902 GMT, but the flightcrew elected to return to the airport citing faulty equipment onboard. The aircraft reportedly exploded during landing when its wing hit navigation objects located next to the runway. As of 0500 GMT today, seven of the eight bodies of those onboard had been recovered. According to the central controller’s office at the airport, the plane crew consisted of four Moldovan nationals and four citizens of Ukraine.

The airplane was flying from Chisinau to Antalya and Sudan. Preliminary investigation shows the accident was caused by malfunctions in the engine. The crew decided to return to the airport soon after the takeoff due to malfunctions in the engine. The airplane crashed during the land approach.

The An-32 belonged to one of Sudanese airlines and was registered in Sudan. The prosecutor’s office of Moldova has opened the criminal case. A special investigative commission has been created.

The An-32 transport plane started development in 1977, and came into mass production in 1984. It is based on the An-26, one major difference being that more powerful engines allow for even flight with only one in service. The navigating equipment onboard allows pilots to carry out flight in complex meteorological conditions, day and night. The An-32 can transport up to 42 parachuters. These planes were delivered to India and Afghanistan.

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Death toll from Brazil mudslides rises to sixty

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

At least sixty people have been confirmed dead after mudslides in southeastern Brazil, mostly on Ilha Grande, caused by torrential rainfall.

Rescue efforts are still continuing in the state of Rio de Janeiro for people feared to be buried under houses, which collapsed due to the deluge of mud and rain. Rescuers used shovels and heavy machinery to dig through the rubble.

Colonel Jerri Andrade, who is supervising the rescuers, commented on the current status of rescue efforts. “The weather is improving, which helps us with the search, but we won’t rest as long as we suspect that there are more bodies underneath the remains.”

More rain is forecast in the days ahead, making additional mudslides a possibility. The authorities have warned that the death toll could increase as more bodies are found. Three days of mourning were declared in the Rio de Janeiro greater area, and celebrations scheduled for January 6 were called off.

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Troubleshoot The Radio Reception On A Lexus Oem Radio

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By Jack Wylde

Radio is one of the important components that is required to entertain the people who travel. Long drives could be incomplete without the radio. There are a many brands of radios available in the market and Lexus is one such brand. Radios have a number of units in it and any damage to any part would lead to an overall trouble in the radio. The trouble also depends on the environmental factors. Since the radio uses signals that are propagated as frequency modulated waves, many other things like the buildings and landscape could widely affect the clarity and signal reception. The other things that can cause difference in the AM type of propagation are the power lines as well as tunnels. Sometimes for the XM radio the luggage on the roof can also cause disturbance. Since there are so many reasons for the poor reception and clarity of the radio, it is important for the driver to first troubleshoot by themselves before going to a profession. This article can be helpful on how to troubleshoot a Lexus radio. This will also save money for the owner of the car.

The following instructions therefore help a rookie to troubleshoot the radio. This can be done with few precautionary steps.

When the radio is of FM type, and there is a trouble in the clarity, the reason may be the distance from the transmitter of the radio station. If the transmitter is far, the audio could be distorted and drifted. But if this occurs intermittently, it can be due to the trees or buildings.

YouTube Preview Image

Some stations could have a stronger signal than the other and hence could give a distorted audio. The multi-path or signal split might also occur when the signal that is reflected hits the antenna apart from the direct signal. On such cases, the FM can be re-scanned and tried again.

If an AM radio is being played with intermittent strong and weak signal, this could be refection’s symptom. It occurs more often during night travel, because of the reflection in upper atmosphere.

The reflection may cause interference sometimes between the stations that are close in their frequencies. The static could be caused by the power cables and motors also. In this case, again the frequencies can be scanned and tried.

When the XM radio is used, things that are made of metal like bikes, skis, etc. may cause issues in the clarity of the audio. When such items are being carried when the disturbance occurs, each item can be removed and the reception of the radio can be checked to find out which one causes the most interference. After identification it can be replaced elsewhere or removed.

Therefore, by doing such preliminary tests, the minor problems that occur in the radio can be detected without going to a professional. These steps on how to troubleshoot a Lexus radio can be done without much expense by simple knowledge of the various disturbance for each type of radio signals.

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This is the category for mining.

Refresh this list to see the latest articles.

  • 10 January 2020: Greek prime minister reaffirms EastMed pipeline project is open for other countries to join
  • 3 June 2016: Glencore announces Tahmoor mine in New South Wales to close
  • 28 May 2014: Second sinkhole appears in Australian city this week
  • 12 February 2014: Jade Rabbit lunar rover declared lost
  • 25 April 2012: Disposal of fracking wastewater poses potential environmental problems
  • 13 April 2012: Nine Peruvians rescued from collapsed mine
  • 15 June 2011: Court rules Massey can appeal US restrictions in mine disaster investigation
  • 25 November 2010: 29 presumed dead after second explosion at New Zealand mine
  • 9 November 2010: Two killed in new Copiapó, Chile mining accident
  • 16 October 2010: 20 dead, seventeen trapped after Chinese coal mine explosion

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Holy Headdress of Christ carried in procession through streets of Cahors, France

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Friday, May 3, 2019

As part of the celebration of 900 years of the Cahors Cathedral in Cahors, France, celebration ongoing through April, a precious relic was carried in procession through the streets of the city on Saturday, April 27: the Holy Headdress of Christ.

The Holy Headdress is recognized by tradition as the veil that covered the head of Jesus when he was buried. By one tradition, Charlemagne brought back the relic of Jerusalem and offered it to the diocese of Cahors. The relic has been venerated in Cahors since the construction of the cathedral 900 years ago.

The “Sainte Coiffe” got back into the streets of Cahors for the first time in nearly eight decades. The relic was carried in procession followed by, according to varying reports, nearly 2000 people, perhaps some hundreds more, in an event both for believers and curious. The procession made its way at the pace of hymns and prayers, through the narrow streets of the town, then on the banks of the Lot, and ended on the forecourt of the cathedral.

The event was sustained by the city of Cahors, the State of France, and the civil society, for which many people have invested themselves, including volunteers.

Other celebrations and other events have been planned in Cahors until December.

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Reviewing Possible Injuries With A Birth Injuries Attorney

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In Louisiana, birth-related injuries could lead to serious conditions for infants as well as their mothers. The failure to provide adequate health care could be the chief factor that produces these injuries. The following are details about common injuries to discuss with a birth injuries attorney.

Brain Injuries During Birth

The deprivation of oxygen during birth can lead to serious injuries. These injuries include hypoxia, perinatal asphyxia, and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. The most common brain injury due to oxygen deprivation is cerebral palsy.

The reasons that these birth injuries occur include the lack of proper monitoring and treatment of maternal infections. A failure to provide a C-section when natural options could lead to a birth injury can lead to these birth injuries and a possible fatality. Doctors who do not manage prolapsed umbilical cords or use birth-assisting instruments properly can also present these brain-related injuries.

What is Erb’s Palsy?

This condition occurs due to birth-related injuries. It affects the nerves in the upper quadrant of the arm. The condition presents as a weakness in the are affected by the birth-related injury. For some children, the condition can produce total paralysis of the injured limb.

What is Shoulder Dystocia?

When a child’s head and shoulders become wedged behind their mother’s pelvic bone there is a high probability of the development of this condition. The mother could experience uterine ruptures or hemorrhaging. Children who develop this condition could sustain a fractured clavicle, brachial plexus fractures, cerebral palsy, oxygen deprivation, or death.

A Failure to Test the Mother for Infections

The doctor’s failure to test the mother for specific infections in which they could develop during pregnancy places the infant at risk. These infections could include group B strep, meningitis, and sexually transmitted diseases carried by the mother. These infections could lead to complex injuries such as spina bifida and meconium aspiration syndrome.

In Louisiana, mothers have the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit if they or their child is injured during delivery. These injuries are produced due to common failures such as inadequate treatment, a lack of training needed to use birth-assisting instruments, and a lack of proper monitoring during the pregnancy. Mothers who need legal assistance contact a birth injuries attorney by visit Gaarlawfirm.Com for more detailed information today.

Medal-seeking Spanish men arrive at 2014 Goalball World Championships

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spain’s men’s national goalball team arrived in Espoo, Finland Friday for the start of the 2014 IBSA Goalball World Championships. The team comes into the tournament with the goal of securing a medal, which would qualify them for the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. The team missed the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

Head coach Francisco Monreal said, “The objective is to reach the medal round, and qualify directly for the 2016 Games, but we need to be realistic and not think game by game, we can get a surprise. […] The competition will be decided in one game, head or tails, where it doesn’t matter what happened before. ((es))Spanish language: ?el objetivo previsto es alcanzar las medallas y clasificarnos directamente para los Juegos de 2016, pero hay que ser realistas y como no vayamos pensando partido a partido, nos podemos llevar una sorpresa. […] La competición se decidirá en un partido a cara o cruz, como son los cruces de cuartos, y donde no sirve de nada lo realizado en la primera fase

Coming into the competition, the team was ranked eleventh in the world based on the IBSA Unofficial rankings published late last month, down one spot from the April rankings. The team is scheduled to play their first game against the ninth ranked United States men’s team on Monday morning, before playing twenty-first ranked Germany later in the afternoon. Their other scheduled competitors in pool play are top ranked Iran, third ranked Algeria, seventh ranked Finland, twelfth ranked Czech Republic and twentieth ranked Ukraine. The team needs to finish in the top four in their group to advance to the second round.

The team’s roster includes Jose Daniel Fernández, Cristian Santamaria, Félix Vargas, Roman Martínez, Jesús Santana, and Javier Serrato. They are led by head coach Monreal, with assistant coach Carles Estrany and physiotherapist José Bravo. The team is drawn from around the country, with Santana playing for a club in the Canary Islands, Serrato playing for Valencia, Fernández for Madrid area Chamartín, Santamaría for Cantabria, Vargas coming from Barcelona and Martínez from Aragón.

Absent from the 2012 Summer Paralympics, the last major international competition the team competed in was the 2010 Goalball World Championships in Sheffield, England where the team finished fifth. In last year’s IBSA European Goalball Championships in Turkey, the team finished second, behind World Championship hosts and Paralympic gold medalists Finland.

Goalball was created in 1946, exclusively for people with a visual disability and designed to help with the rehabilitation of veterans returning from World War II. Play in the Paralympics consists of two twelve-minute periods, with a three minute break between halves. Players are blindfolded to ensure all are equally visually handicapped on-court, and the game can be stopped to ensure goggles are properly fitted. Standing in front of a long goal, they throw the ball at the opposition team’s net who in turn try to block it by listening to the ball, which contains a bell, and using their bodies to prevent the ball from going in. The audience is asked to remain silent during play.

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