Three Qualities A Great Dog Walker Needs To Have

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byAlma Abell

Anyone can put a leash on a dog and walk around, but a professional dog walker should have great qualities not only as a dog walker but as a person as well. These three qualities may be common traits of a good employee, but not many employees are tasked with pleasing two clients at the same time. Let’s take a look into how this profession can be a hard pick.



One quality that is necessary is patience. Dogs may not be able to talk like us but they do have personalities just like humans. It is very important to get to know those personalities and understand their behavior through patience. Each breed has a different demeanor form the next and as a professional dog walker, they must consider how the breed presents itself and how they must approach them. This also must reflect towards the owner as the professional dog walker prepares to take the dog from the owner and care for them.


Another quality a dog walker should have is awareness. For example, a dog walker in New York should have awareness of their surroundings. There is a lot of activity going on in New York. Mostly everyone walks in New York so there is high traffic wherever they turn. Parks are fun but very big. Socialization is an important factor that professional dog walkers should promote to get your dog used to interacting with others, not just family and close friends. It’s a myth that it diminishes the dog’s protective barrier, they are intelligent to acknowledge when their owner or loved one is endanger or not. While socializing at the park, the dog might run off after another dog or a toy. Knowing where you and the dog are at all times is pertinent to being a good dog walker.


Finally yet importantly, a professional dog walker should always be punctual. One of the reasons a dog walker is hired is because of the stress the owner might be dealing with. Hence, that stress should not be furthered by tardiness. Also, arriving on time shows how responsible and professional you are. This reflects on the business of dog walkers themselves, so professional dog walkers must be mindful of how they present themselves, no matter if they’re dog owners themselves. Dog owners must feel safe entrusting their pet to another person while they go about their day.

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The Little Trucks That Could

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Here in Virginia, we have everything from dense and robust forests to major cities. When you need to do work up high, whether it be in on the roof of a house or up in the trees, aerial bucket trucks are the way to go. Aerial bucket trucks, also known as cherry pickers and basket crane trucks, have been helping companies to do work faster and safer for years. What kinds of industries use aerial bucket trucks? How can they improve my business? These are a couple of the questions I will look to answer in this article.

Everyone has seen an aerial bucket truck on the side of the road with busy workers buzzing about, getting their work done. So what industries would make use of one of these trucks? The answer is any industry that would use a ladder. Examples of these industries include construction, forestry, city maintenance, and home improvement. Many industries can utilize a tool such as this, regardless of whether a job is big or small, everything from trimming trees to changing the light bulbs of street lamps. These trucks come in all sizes to fit any job; there isn’t a job that they can’t handle. Any place where a job needs to be done off the ground, aerial bucket trucks make it easier.

So how can an aerial bucket truck help out your business? If your business is currently using ladders on a regular basis then an aerial bucket truck is for you. Think about how much time is wasted going up and down ladders and how easy it would be instead to just move the bucket over. The amount of time you could save, not to mention how much it easier it would be on your employees, is staggering. Thousands of ladder related accidents happen every year. The amount of time it takes to find a new worker, then train him, will cost your company and hurt its efficiency. Using an aerial bucket truck in Roanoke, Virginia will not prevent every accident, but it does add a powerful machine to your disposal that is much safer than what you were using before.

Buying a large tool like an aerial bucket truck isn’t for every company, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need one from time to time. PLREI is the largest supplier of aerial bucket trucks Roanoke, Virginia. They even rent them out for those companies that are not in the market to buy but still need one occasionally for a large job. All new trucks are regulated by DOT, the Department of Transportation, so you know they were built with safety in mind. With a track record for helping businesses get more work done faster, aerial bucket trucks are a tool that needs to be looked into.

How Essential Is Pet Grooming In Alexandria?

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Pet grooming in Alexandria is the set of basic hygiene care necessary for a pet. Each animal needs this regular care, whether for comfort or health. Grooming a pet is actually essential to his or her well-being. Pet grooming is performed in several stages, let’s study them one by one.


Brushing is designed to eliminate the dead hair and to untangle any knots. In the case of certain long-haired breeds (German Shepherd, Newfoundland, Colley, Beauceron, etc.), dog brushing can be supplemented by a stripping the “wadding” at the base of the hairs. For dogs with hard hair (Dachshund, Fox Terrier, and so on), stripping or hair removal with a comb knife is perfect because it eliminates the dead hairs that do not fall out on their own.

The next step involves trimming the animal’s coat to the desired length. This does not apply to animals with hard hair, for whom hair removal is more suitable. Speaking of hair removal, hair in the ears can obstruct the ear canal and generate ear infections. They are plucked by hand or by forceps. Then, the excess wax is cleaned with a wipe.

Eye cleaning is a question of removing the crust around the eyes, generally with the aid of a suitable physiological serum. Pet grooming in Alexandria also involves nail trimming. The natural wear and tear of the animal’s nails are sometimes insufficient and it is, therefore, necessary to cut the pet’s nails without forgetting to be careful. Tooth brushing is done with a toothbrush and a special toothpaste. It helps prevent tartar and bad odors. The anal glands, used by the dog to mark its territory, can sometimes get clogged. Grooming is the best opportunity to drain these glands.

Then comes bath time. The animal is successively wet, shampooed, rinsed and dried! Some animals may need a couple of shampoos, depending on how dirty they are. Drying off the animal is as easy as letting them sit and dry, but if it is cold, professionals suggest using a hair dryer. The latter is essential if the pet owner wants the animal to be brushed properly. Contact Hayfield Animal Hospital for more details.

Dog Health: Puppy Vaccination Is Important

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Dog Health: Puppy Vaccination is Important


Riza Humpton

Puppy vaccination is an essential part of maintaining proper health for your dog. Regular immunization will prevent your puppy from getting sick and could avoid diseases. The immune system of a puppy when it\’s born is not yet fully developed and it depens on it\’s mothers milk to get enough antibodies. As a puppy is weaned, these antibodies begin to drop off and it becomes important for a puppy to received the appropriate vaccinations and check-ups to prevent diseases.

What are the Benefits of a Puppy Vaccination?


Diseases that are common in a puppy are Canine Distemper, Parvo Virus, Rabies and Corona virus. To avoid any mishaps and problems in the future, it is recommended that you learn about these diseases. Some of these diseases may affect human through a bite or saliva if not properly taken care of, they may affect the intestinal system as well as cause erratic behavior or they may simply make the puppy very ill and end up with the puppy dying.

Vaccines should be given on a regular basis as they are made to prevent future diseases and infections. Although some puppies may cry when they receive vaccines (even if it affects you badly), you should think of their health. Like humans, once your puppy is vaccinated its immune system will be able to create the required antibodies to fight off infection and disease.

Risks on Puppy Vaccination

Some vaccines can cause unusual behavior, or even introduce illness to the puppy, however the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks. It is suggested to take blood samples before vaccination to check how many antibodies the puppy actually has and whether further vaccination is required. Pain and soreness at the place where it was injected might occur after vaccination. Illnesses such as blood disorders, skin issues or neuron problems may also arise.

It is the responsibility of the dog owner to bring their pert to regular check-ups, provide dog\’s exercise routine and maintain dog supplies to keep the puppy\’s health at its best. Owning a pet may need more than cuddling them, it also includes maintenance. Keep your pet healthy, well – groomed and well – trained and try to learn more if you are a first time pet owner. Providing enough dog health and supplies maybe a challenge if you are not much prepared about it. However, if you try to reearch more about taking care of dog and specifically training them you will never be negligent owner.


Dog Training Source

specializes in providing training advice to dog owners. Whether you need advice on how to take care of your dog\’s health, train your dog to sit, stop barking, walk nicely on the lead or simply just be quiet – this is the place for you.

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The Place To Call When Looking At Homes For Sale In Woodmere

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The overall real estate market is slowly recovering, and many people are looking to buy their first home. Many folks wanting to buy their first home are tempted to tackle this goal by themselves. Before trying to buy a home alone a person should consider the positive merits of hiring a real estate agent.

A person looking at Homes For Sale in Woodmere should consider hiring an agent from Lori & Associates LI Realty Inc. They have 18 agents in the office and can assist home-buyers with a home purchase in Woodmere and surrounding areas. They even have an in-house mortgage broker that can help a home buyer with financing programs that best fits a customers needs.

There are additional reasons to hire a real estate agent. One of the biggest advantages is their knowledge of the real estate market. Real estate agents are self-employed through their broker. This is one reason that real estate agents work longer hours than most people. These long hours give agents an intimate knowledge of the areas they work. They also have knowledge of local schools, local points of interest, restaurants and shopping,etc.Another reason to hire a real estate agent is convenience. An agent can find properties that meet a buyer’s criteria. They also save a buyer time by setting up appointments to view properties in person. When it comes time to making an offer a buyer’s real estate agent negotiates with the other parties involved.

Before the papers are signed the agent and buyer will do a final walk through. The walk through is done to ensure that the property is in the same shape as when the offer was first made. Agents can write offers enabling a buyer to pull out of the deal if the property had received damage since the offer was made. When the time comes to sign all of the papers the buyer’s agent is present to make sure everything is in order.

A person looking at Homes For Sale in Woodmere should seriously consider hiring a real estate to represent them. An agent looks at real estate deals objectively, and has a professional obligation to represent a buyer’s best interest. Buying a home is usually the largest investment a person makes in their life, and trying to do it alone can have disastrous results.

Housebreaking Your Puppy With Wire Dog Crates

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Submitted by: Ryan Pauline

One of the primary uses of a dog crate is as an aid in housebreaking. Wire crates are popular because of their versatility. They can be folded for storage or easy transport, and they’re less obtrusive in the home than plastic dog crates.

Both puppies and adult dogs can be housebroken with the help of pet crate training. This is because dogs instinctively don’t eliminate where they sleep. Puppies can’t hold their bladders and bowels for more than three or four hours, so they shouldn’t be expected to spend longer than this in a crate.

Housebroken adults can spend six hours or so in a dog crate comfortably, but should never be crated for eight hours or longer. A dog should never be crated for the majority of the day and night, even if it’s not for longer than six hours at a time. This deprives the dog of necessary interaction and companionship with his family, and will result in psychological damage.


Most dogs come to love their pet crates. They like the privacy. They can just relax and sleep. And you have the peace of mind knowing that your dog isn’t getting into trouble or disturbing the neighbours.

At first, let your puppy or dog explore the wire crate without your closing the door. Place it in a part of the house where there’s lots of activity, such as the lounge room. It’s a good idea to feed your dog’s regular meals in the pet crate – with the door open at first, progressing to closing the door – to create a positive association in the dog’s mind. Work up to a point at which your dog is spending ten minutes, quiet and calm, in the crate after finishing a meal.

Next, get your dog used to spending time in the pet crate, with the door closed, for short periods while you are home. Guide your dog in with a treat, using a command like “Crate!” in an upbeat voice. If your dog is calm in the crate for 30 minutes or so while you are home, you can begin to crate him or her when you leave.

You should never let your dog out of the wire crate if he or she is crying, pawing at the door, or otherwise making a fuss. Wait for calm quiet; otherwise, you will be teaching your dog that making a fuss is the way to get the door to open. This often means waiting a bit after you arrive home before opening the door to the dog crate, because your dog will naturally be excitable at your return. This also sends the message that being in the crate isn’t just a home alone thing.

Even after your dog is fully housebroke n, your wire crate will continue to be valuable. You can use it in the car to keep your dog from distracting the driver, and keep her safe in the event of a collision. In the home, a wire crate can be used to confine the dog whenever you can’t watch her or to keep her out from underfoot.

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