5 Ways To Compare Wool And Silk Area Rugs

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By Greg Garner

When you are considering buying an expensive area rug to enhance a room in your home, you might consider both wool and silk rugs. Each has its strong and its weak points. You want to buy the rug that will best suit your needs in the long run, so here are some considerations for you to ponder before you make your purchase.

Cost both silk and wool area rugs are more expensive to buy than other fibers. Silk rugs are not made entirely of silk, by the way. Silk is far too expensive to use and it doesnt hold up that well in the long run. Most silk rugs contain some wool to add durability. But silk is always going to cost more than wool. Looks Silk is a very shiny material. Because of the way in which silk is woven into a rug, it gives the rug a very shiny and lustrous look. The colors are likely to be brighter than in a wool rug. Wool, on the other hand, gives the rug a more matte look and the colors are a bit more muted. Durability Silk area rugs are not the most durable type of rug. They need to be placed in an area that does not have high traffic. Silk shows dirt more easily than wool. While silk is beautiful it is not terribly practical so it needs to be taken care of. Wool is much more durable than silk and can be used in areas that get more foot traffic. Wool is more stain resistant and is easier to keep clean. Wool is also dust mite resistant and more fire resistant. Wool area rugs are more susceptible to mold, mildew and moths than silk. Upkeep Silk is a difficult rug to keep up. It requires professional cleaning by a company that knows how to clean silk rugs. You cant clean it at home. Wool area rugs are easier upkeep than silk. Under certain conditions, you can spot clean a wool rug yourself. It is more stain resistant and is cheaper to have cleaned professionally than silk area rugs are. You cant vacuum a silk rug using a regular rotating brush type of vacuum cleaner. It is better to shake it out than to vacuum it. Wool can stand up to the vacuum without a problem. Storage You have to be quite careful when storing a silk area rug. Because the fibers are easily crushed, it really needs to be stored under very careful conditions, such as being placed between two pieces of glass with a frame. Wool is easier to store, mostly you just need to be careful of moths getting to it.

For beauty, luster and light, you simply cant beat a silk area rug. As long as you have the right place to put it and you are prepared to deal with the upkeep, it will make a gorgeous addition to your home dcor. But wool area rugs are beautiful too, and more easy to care for.

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