The Basics To Buying R/C Planes If Your Taking Up This Exciting Hobby

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Flying r/c planes has been a very popular hobby for aviation enthusiast. However many people have stayed away from this hobby because it has been considered a bit expensive to get into and maintain. This may have been the case in years past but the manufactures have started to come out with some planes that are easily affordable. So if you are just starting to consider purchasing a remote control plane then here are a few basics that you should keep in mind.

For the beginner you may want to consider what is referred to as and RTF. This stands for “ready to fly.” This means that there is no engine building or parts to put together that someone with a lot of experience usually does. By purchasing your plane ready to fly you can walk out of the hobby shop, go find a field and be ready to get the plane in the air. Purchasing a plane that requires more knowledge to assemble may be a bit deflating for the newbie as it will take time, effort and skill to get it properly assembled before you can even enjoy it.

Ask the person in the hobby shop which planes they would recommend for a beginner. The hobby shop owners can steer you towards the planes that they have personally heard good things about. For example some planes maybe too advanced and require more experience then you currently have. When you are looking for a plane you want one that you can easily get in the air and keep it there. These types of planes are referred to as trainers, and they assist you with learning how to fly the plane without crashing. This is because most of the trainers fly at a slower speed which allows you the time needed to correct any errors that you have made.

Cost is usually a factor when choosing an r/c plane. The good news is that you can find remote controlled planes for a decent price. You can find the battery operated RTF plane for as little as $35 and they can get up to around $120. Don’t forget that you will need batteries to go with them. The trainer planes usually start around $120 and can go up from there. Some of these planes are electric but the majority of these planes are gas operated.

When you are starting out you should also look for a plane that has a wide wing span. The wider the wing span is on the planes the easier it will be to fly. This is because they have more stability. The wider wing span makes it easier to get in the air and keep in the air; it will however limit your maneuverability a bit. This means that once you have learned how to fly with this plane and you are ready to do things such as tricks and higher skilled flying maneuvers you will need to upgrade to a more advanced r/c planes.

How To Evolve Your Business Model As Times Change

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Are You Prepared to Meet New Customer Needs?

We’ve been forging our way through uncertainty for a few months now, and I have to say: small business owners are resilient.

In a time of stress and sadness we pivoted, we adapted, and I hope everyone, their families and their small businesses are OK.

I’ve written a lot about managing your small business during the pandemic, from How to Pivot Your Small Business Strategy During the COVID-19 Crisis to How to Build a Crisis Response Landing Page.

Now, we focus on the next step: emerging from the coronavirus pandemic not only in one piece, but as successful entrepreneurs who have learned some valuable lessons.

As we move forward, it’s obvious that some things are forever changed. In a recent survey, 81% of Canadians agreed that the crisis will create a new normal and have a lasting impact on society.

So as my province of BC, Canada starts to reopen businesses, it’s time to look at your marketing and evaluate if it still makes sense to your target audience.

How to Define Your Customers’ Needs

Let’s go back`—all the way back to 1943, when Abraham Maslow proposed his hierarchy of needs. According to his theory, people are motivated to fulfill basic requirements (food, shelter) before they move on to more advanced ones (intimate relationships, sense of accomplishment).

During the coronavirus crisis, people were focused more closely on basic necessities like staying safe from COVID-19 and getting groceries. These differing needs may also have led them to buy things they wouldn’t normally buy, like lots of hand sanitizer or takeout food multiple times per week.

Some of the customer behaviour we saw during the pandemic may be here to stay, like:

  • Continuing to wear masks in crowded areas and washing hands more frequently
  • Thinking more carefully before buying “wants”
  • Working/studying from home more of the time
  • Choosing brands that are the most empathetic and conscious

So ask yourself: how have your customer needs changed during this time? What are they expecting from you?

How to Evolve Your Business Model to Meet New Customer Needs

Just because we’re slowly returning to a “new normal’ doesn’t mean everyone is going to be hopping on planes and heading to big parties. Especially for those who have been personally affected by COVID-19, it’s going to be hard to reintegrate back into society, so to speak.

Here are a few ways you might have to pivot to meet new customer needs:

1. Maintain/increase communication around health and safety measures.

A large part of pivoting your business model will include how you communicate with your customers.

For example, salons and spas have been closed for months, and even once they reopen, consumers want to know what steps they’re taking to protect their health. Some clients won’t feel comfortable stepping into a hair salon unless they know there are certain health measures in place.

Don’t be too hasty to remove your COVID-19 landing page` or health and safety messaging from your website or Google My Business listing—rather look at updating copy with new information to put your clients’ minds at ease.

2. Address new patterns. If you’ve started offering heat-and-serve meals, curbside pickup or telemedicine sessions to customers, they may expect that going forward. This can be a good opportunity to take a closer look at what worked and evolve your business model accordingly.

If you don’t sell essential services, you may have to pivot your marketing strategy to approach different spending behaviours. Many people have been hit hard financially and won’t have as much disposable income.

Others will have become accustomed to a new way of doing things. Similarly, to what I mentioned in #1, COVID-19 has changed the way that people consume certain services.

For example, a school may have to integrate more online learning into their model to attract students who are now used to and more comfortable with totally remote classes.

Many organizations are rethinking in-person conferences and other events. Will employees want to travel to huge convention centres to network with other attendees? Or, will they be happy with a virtual conference next year, too?


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There’s no arguing this pandemic has led to increased internet traffic as people work, socialize, and entertain themselves online. But an increase in internet usage doesn’t necessarily translate into increased sales for your small business.

Many consumers are hesitant to buy, either because they aren’t sure when they’ll be able to use the service you sell, or because they’ve been laid off or have had their hours reduced.

That’s why I’m sharing 3 eCommerce challenges and solutions to help you maintain and even grow as an entrepreneur during this crisis.

Read more.


How Can You Best Meet New Customer Needs?

No matter how you evolve your business model, it’s important to remember that meeting your customers’ needs is an ongoing process. Whether it’s two weeks post-pandemic or two years, always:

Listen, listen, listen. From monitoring your customer reviews, to sending out a questionnaire, it’s never been more important to take your customers’ feelings into consideration.

Listening on social media can also be a great way to “pulse check” how your customers are interacting with your brand and content. Then, use what you’ve learned to tweak your marketing strategy going forward.

Always be engaging. I hope you’ve been doing this during the pandemic, but it’s also critical post-COVID-19. People will still be spending lots of time at home in the near future, so create uplifting, inspiring and/or informative content for your website, social media accounts, paid ads and newsletters.

Pay attention to changing trends in your industry and customer behaviour to guide your content strategy.

Here’s an example: during the pandemic, DIY was big`—from home renos to crafts. Nielsen reported that sales of yeast were up nearly 650% from a year ago, as homebound folks baked up a storm.

So think about how your customers might be using your products or services and give them good content, whether it’s bread-baking tips or how to get out of debt.

No matter what your company sells, communicating with and reassuring your clients is still paramount. And remember: your customers can tell the difference between a sales gimmick and authenticity, so make sure you’re communicating value every time.

So what comes after the crisis? Nobody really knows for sure. But by pivoting your business model as needed now, you’ll be ready for whatever the future brings!

To your business success,Susan Friesen

How To Choose And Find The Right Mercedes Benz

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People in the market to buy a Mercedes Benz will want to take their time exploring the many options available. The internet is a great resource for not only information regarding different models, recalls, and current owner advice, but for finding new and used vehicles for sale. It’s also crucial to check your local print papers and community bulletin boards for the occasional killer deal. Here are a few more tips that can help you find the right car. The first thing to consider before buying a Mercedes Benz is how much you can afford to spend. A couple of thousand of dollars can make a big difference in your buying power when it comes to luxury vehicles. However, there are some ways you can cut down the price and still get what you want. If you’re buying new, try to reduce the extras and get a bare bones model. It may not be as flashy, but you can save thousands and less built-in electronic gadgets means less repairs in the future. If you’re on the market for a used car from a private seller, brush up on your negotiation skills. The next question you should ask yourself is “new or used?” Most people will automatically gravitate towards owning a new vehicle. The price is higher, but it comes with the comfort of creating a history with it rather than driving a car with a mysterious past. A used Mercedes Benz, however, will be much less expensive, and sometimes history is a good thing. Classic models are not only eye-catching and fun to drive, but they retain their value very well if maintained properly. Now it’s time to start thinking about Mercedes Benz models. The company classifies models by using an alphanumeric system. The number portion is the particular engine’s displacement that is then multiplied by 100 and is then followed by letters that represent the engine and body type. Understanding these can help you narrow down choices. For example, the CLS 350 has a roughly 3.5L displacement and is a coupe leicht sport (the body type). Several models are produced each year, revamped, or discontinued. Finding the right model depends on the features you want and what the car will be used for. The company produces vehicles that are suitable for lone drives on the highway as well as those for larger families. Once you have your budget and model picked out, it’s time to decide whether or not to go to a dealer or private seller. New cars will naturally need to be purchased by an authorized dealer, but people seeking used models have a choice. Dealers offer more security as they are mandated by law to maintain certain safety standards. They also offer financing and may accept a trade-in that can help reduce the final cost. A private dealer can be riskier, but offers great financial rewards for those who know where to look. There are no guarantees and you’ll need the full cash payment.

Diecast Toy Vehicles What You Should Know

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If you are searching for a gift for a boy, you may be wondering what you should get them. Just about every boy loves vehicles, which is why the diecast toy vehicles are such a great solution to your problem. They can provide hours of enjoyment for the young one and help them with learning many different concepts. When you are shopping for diecast toy vehicles there are a couple things that you will want to keep in mind. This will help you to get just the right diecast toy vehicles for the boy you are shopping for.

One thing that you will want to keep in mind when you are shopping for diecast toy vehicles is the type of vehicle that you are getting. This is important as some boys prefer to have certain types of vehicles to play with, such as hot rods. However, you may want to go with diecast toy vehicles that will give the boy a variety of different options when he is playing with his vehicles, which can help him to be less picky and also to expand his horizons. But you may want to go with diecast toy vehicles that you know he will actually play with.

Another thing you should know when you are searching for the right diecast toy vehicles as gifts is where you can get the one you want. While you can find some models in many stores that sell toys, there is a much easier way that you can get the diecast toy vehicles that you are looking for. By shopping on the internet, you will be able to get the best selection of diecast toy vehicles, which can help you to get the one that he will love. You will also find that you will often times save money when you shop online for toy vehicles and almost any other merchandise.

The great thing is that you can find almost any vehicle in diecast toy vehicles, which can help you to get the perfect gift for the boy in your life. You should also think about the size of the diecast toy vehicles and whether or not it is age appropriate for him. You want to make sure to keep safety first with this and all toys that are given to him, which is why it is important to pay attention to this when you are shopping for diecast toy vehicles.

Radio Control Car: Showcasing Advancement Of Technology

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We all know this very well that toys and games are such things that can make any kid happy. No matter how angry or sad they are, these things bring smile on their face and it these can keep them busy for hours. Radio control car is one among those advanced and most favorite toys for children. It showcases the advancement of technology in the finest way.

Previously there were no such hi-tech toys were there. Children used to play with simple toys but gradually with the advancement of era, large number of such hi-tech toys has come in the market. The radio control car is one of the examples of such development. You can find variety of designs and pattern of this car available in the market. Starting from a low cost to a very high one are present in the market. As per the efficiency of your pocket you can get one for your kid and make him happy.

If you look around the market you can get radio control fast racing car model, 1:6 off radio remote controlled monster truck car, 1:30 8CH crawler type model toy remote control crane, F1 radio control fast kart racing model car, mini racer four channels remotely controlled cars, lucky boy super wall climber IR remote control car and many more. Apart from the above mentioned ones, you can get many other radio control car too embedded with n numbers of advanced features and functions that you have never ever imagined.

Just by sitting on a particular position, your child can control the radio control car with the help of a remote available with it. The buttons on the remote let you control the direction that where you want to take turn. Whenever you want to stop it you can do it with an ease with the help of the buttons present on it. The speed can also be controlled as per your wish. There are many more features available that you can only explore after getting one from the market.

These days, many online shopping portals have come up that deal in these kinds of toys. DinoDirect is one among those online portals from where you can get the radio control car with huge discounts and lots of exciting offers. We have a huge variety of models to choose from that you can get by spending a little amount from your pocket. So hurry and visit us soon to grab the best.