Non Surgical Face Lift Defy Father Time And Mother Nature

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Non-Surgical Face Lift Defy Father Time and Mother Nature


David Maillie

Legend has that Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships. Probably she went in for a face lift every once in a while. A face lift is akin to a restoration job performed on a face, ravaged by time, weather elements or an unhealthy lifestyle. You have the surgical facelift, involving incisions and the painless non-surgical facelift. The latter is gaining popularity by the day.

These days, many types of non-surgical face lifts have been devised to lift the sagging face muscles, erase fine lines, wrinkles and scars and impart elasticity to the face. All these methods do not involve any pain or lengthy recuperation period and it can be carried on with other treatments.

Thermage facelift is the current rage amongst the beauty brigade. Relatively inexpensive compared to its surgical counterparts like derma abrasion and chemical peel, this face lift method involves only local anesthesia and is over within an hour, so that you can return to your daily routine without any grogginess or hideous bandages across your face.


The Thermage facelift method uses radiofrequency force to tighten the face and is suited for everybody except those fitted with a pacemaker. It guarantees results within a few days to five months. However, this facelift method is not much effective in treating the severely battered face. Extreme cases merit drastic surgical procedures like CO2 laser therapy.

The Microcurrent facelift is another non-surgical procedure fast gaining ground. Working at the cellular level, this face lift method whets up the body s natural chemical processes to turn back the hands of time and give you a face to die for.

Over within an hour, the Microcurrent facelift will tone the face and neck muscles, lift the jaw line and the eyebrows, decrease pigmentation and erase fine lines and wrinkles. This facelift process is quite painless; you might only feel a slight tingle when mild electric currents are sent to your face.

Have pins and needles stuck on your arms, legs and face you can emerge with a younger, firmer looking face. That s acupuncture for you, a non-surgical facelift procedure that is very safe and inexpensive. A huge hit amongst the hoi polloi and the stars alike, its detractors however raise questions about its ability to provide enduring results.

Laser skin rejuvenation or the lunchtime facelift doesn t believe in beating about the bush. It s a quick face lift where your face is subject to mild laser rays, which send the collagen into an overdrive so that within weeks your wrinkles are erased, acne and blemishes removed and you have a firmer, face to flaunt. Usually devoid of any side effects, some might experience redness in the face, but this subsides within 1-2 hours.

You also have face masks and TCA peels which are easy to use, suit all skin types and give you a flawless, well-toned face. TCA skin peels have been proven to be the most effective of the non-surgical face lift procedures as it can cure susch a wide range of skin problems and disorders – from wrinkles and fine lines to age spots and acne. TCA skin peels are a must have in your anti-aging and non-surgical regimen. They can also now be purchased for in home use (see the link below).

With so many face lift procedures thronging the market, you absolutely have no excuse to look like something that the cat has brought in.

David Maillie is a chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research and clynical analysis. He is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale:

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The Labiaplasty Procedure

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The Labiaplasty Procedure


Jennifer West

Women come in various shapes and sizes; with this, some women want what the other woman has making the word contentment seem lost in any woman s dictionary. Added to this is the fact that the media has greatly shaped the minds of the people dictating them what should beautiful ultimately look like. A skinny body, big breasts and long, shiny hair is a beautiful woman, even if it s not always the case.

Thankfully, any woman doesn t have to sulk if she isn t born with any of the said beautiful qualities as she can have them with the help of technology and cosmetic surgery. Some of the top cosmetic surgery procedures sought by women today are liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty and Botox, especially for women who are already in their thirties or forties.

Aside from those, one of the most sought after cosmetic procedure by women is labiaplasty. This is an operation on the vagina s labia or lips. It is done to lessen the size or to reshape either the minor (inner) labia or the major (outer) labia. Most women who undergo this procedure are is because of health or medical reasons but others undergo the procedure for aesthetic reasons.


The vagina is a private part of the female form, so it is interesting to know why some women undergo a

labiaplasty California

procedure. Some women say they feel that their labia are unattractive because they are either too big or oddly-shaped. These are vanity reasons but women still undergo this procedure even if some people view it differently.

The medical reason why other women seek the aid of

labiaplasty California

specialists is to ease the discomfort caused by their protruding or oversized labia. Such labia can cause pain or uneasiness, even irritation when tight bottoms are worn or during physical activities. Since the size and shape of the labia are inborn, only with the aid of such specialists can women with large labia feel relieved.

Although the reasons of getting the surgery are categorized into aesthetic and medical, undergoing it still benefits women in both ways. Also, only a

labiaplasty California

surgeon can perform it because this procedure is very delicate.

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Michael Kors Outlet Shopping These Products Insert Quite A Few In . For Your Part

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Submitted by: Dominique Kringas

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Wine Additives That Can Make Or Break A Wine}

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Submitted by: Jonathan Tan

To be able to enjoy the wines we have today, additives would have to be used. These additives help preserve the taste and quality of the wine, while prolonging its shelf life at the same time. It is no secret that it takes more than good quality grapes to create a good bottle. However, it is also true that there are instances when these additives create undesirable results. Here are the additives that you can find in a wine.


The use of sulfur goes way back to the Romans when they discovered that when you burn candles made of sulfur inside empty wine containers, it allows it to last longer. It prevents the wine from easily becoming stale and create a vinegar smell. This practice echoes right into the present with sulfur dioxide now considered to be an indespensable additive in wine making.

Sulfur dioxide is used for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. It is used to get rid of the bacteria and yeast during the wine making process. The beautiful art requires a delicate and careful process. And when it comes to adding sulfur dioxide, it is important that it is done at the right time. The timing and amount of this additive will depend on the style of the wine and also the composition of the wine to which it is added. This process can be a bit tricky for novice wine makers, and if it is done improperly, the results can be as bad as it is beneficial.

Some countries require wine producers to specify the presence of sulfur if it exceeds a certain amount. The reason why these laws are passed because it also protects some consumers who are sensitive to sulfur. Sulfur dioxide is also known to be food additive 220 or 202.

Sulfur is indeed an integral part of the wine, as it prevents the proliferation of undesirable results created by bacteria and yeast. It also safeguards the fruit integrity of the wine.


Tannin is also an important part of the wine to give it structure, taste and overall goodness. Tannin is a naturally occuring polyphenol that is found in plants, leaves, bark, seeds, wood and, in this case, fruit skin. When it comes to defining a wine’s characteristic, tannin adds bitterness and some astringency to the wine resulting to its complexity in flavours and structure.

Oak aging adds some amount of tannin after the wine is exposed to oak wood. That is why wine makers sometimes add oak extracts to enhance the flavour and adjust the tannins. So aside from the tannins derived from the grape skin, the juices are also exposed to wood tannins while they are stored in oak barrels during fermentation. Instead of aging in pure oak barrels, some wine makers use oak chips, oak staves or tannin powders because these are more affordable and sustainable. Today, instead of aging the wines in oak barrels, oak chips are much prefered by wine makers because aside from the cheaper cost in transport, it is also better for the forests.



This compound comes from single celled plants that consume the sugar form grapes and transform it into equal parts of alcohol and carbon dioxide. Some experts say that although the wine maker makes certain that the wine doesn’t get spoiled and also introduce some characteristics to the wine, it is actually the yeast that is slowly creating the wine. But it would take a good wine maker to properly control the yeast, select the right variety and introduce it to the grape juices at the right moment. Controlling the yeast and manipulating its presence during the fermentation is essential to making a good wine.

There are different kinds of yeasts used in wine making, but each of these have their own benefits that is dependent on the wine variety.


Sugar is also added to grape juice during the wine making process in order to increase its final alcohol level. This is called chaptalization. It is not done to make the wine sweeter but rather to increase the final alcohol level of the finished product. When sugar is added to wine, it is then consumed by the yeast as it ferments into alcohol. This is particulalry beneficial for grapes that are struggling to reach full ripeness. This process can add up to a total of 3% ABV to the wine.

However, you also would have to note that adding sugar is not allowed in some American states, Southern France, Australia, Argentina and South Africa.

Wine Stabilizers

Aside from sulfur, there are also other microorganisms that are important for stabilizing the wine. Dimethyl dicarbonate or DMDC is used to not only stabilize the wine but also sterilize it. This plays an important part in the microbial defense strategy of wines, hampering chances of microbiological activity after bottling. This is what you call secondary fermentation resulting in flavors and aromas that are off, formation of sediments and viscosity. DMDC is a poisonous substance within the hour that is is added, but it then hydrolyzed half an hour after it is added.

Acetaldehyde is also another stabilizer which focuses on the juices before it is concentrated. It is also known as an important molecule in the oxidation of wine, and it also acts as a preservative.

There are also other additives used by wine makers that simply remove undesirable characteristics out of the wine.


Grape juices and wine have naturally occuring particles that result from the winemaking process. This includes compounds like tannins from oak aging in barrels. This affects the clarity of the wine as evidenced by sediments forming in the bottle. This helps clarify the juice or the wine.

Albumen or egg white

This serves as a fining agent for red wines and has long been in practice. Albumen softens the astrigency of the wine as it binds and reduces the tannin content. This is why it is perfect for highly tannic or oak-aged wines.


This is a very pure gelatin that is derived from the air bladders of sturgeons. It is also a popular fining agent that strips the color of the wine into a much lesser hue. This is used in clarifying white wines, especially those that are aged in oak barrels. However, it tends to create heavy deposits that clings to carbon alloy glass walls.


This is a clay that has absoptive properties. It binds to suspended particles that are oppositely charged and also leads it to precipitate. Bentonite is used in clarifying both red and white wines, although it is much useful for white wines in particular. It prevents the haze that is caused by naturally occuring proteins found in the grape juice. It also prevents color reduction and the process of over-fining. Its effectiveness makes it most preferable among winemakers. However, its disadvantage is that the heavy deposits caused by the precipitate also means there is more wine loss.


This fining agent comes from the alginic acid salt that is found in brown algae. It is very effective in settling fine suspended particles. It is more recommended for red wines, but it can also be used in whites.


This is considered to be an excellent fining agent for both white and red wines. It is a silicate suspension that binds to proteins. It is often combined with gelatin to increase its effectiveness.

These information may be quite daunting what with all the complex process that goes behind these chemicals or compounds. If you are not familiar with these fining agents, you can perform a bench test. The effectiveness of these fining agents is evidenced in its pH, wine composition, temperature, rate of addition and a bevy of other factors. You can also see the effect of these fining agents on the general color of the wine, its aromas and flavours. Performing bench tests allows you to learn a lot and further distinguish and appreciate good wines from the bad.

About the Author:

The Standish Singapore

provides you with excellent vintage wines from around the world. We aim to give every curious palate a chance to revel in the sensory pleasure of good wine.


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It Can Be Helpful To Use Botox For Something Other Than Cosmetic Reasons

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It Can Be Helpful to Use Botox for Something Other Than Cosmetic Reasons


Abigail Aaronson

Even though Botox is a toxin, in the right doses, it can be helpful. Botox could help issues such as excessive saliva, stomach neurological problems, and migraine headaches. Although this drug is used extensively for erasing age, the uses for some medical issues are still experimental. Even so, it may be worth it under the supervision of a doctor.

Before going through with using Botox for medical issues, you will need to consider several things. You need to consider your health, the doctor who would administer the drug, side effects, and clinical results. You should look at these areas, so that you will be well-informed before making a decision.


Your health is something important to think about as you look into using this drug for treatment. It is important to consider all contraindications before making any choices. There are problems that you may encounter if you decide to go through with the use of this drug. Some of the side effects of it could be worse than your original problem. The drug is used to paralyze an area, so a negative side effect could be that the paralysis spreads to the wrong area.

It is also important to talk to your doctor. Your primary care doctor may or may not be willing to administer this drug. Depending on the situation, you might need a specialist to do it. It is essential that the individual that administers it is trained in the administration and has done it many times in the past.

Clinical results also need to be taken into account. Before signing up for procedures using Botox for issues other than those that are cosmetic, make sure that some clinical trials have been done. Take the time to read some of the studies. Some people do choose to be a part of experimental trials, and that is completely fine as it will help others in the future. Just make sure that you are well-informed before getting into any experimental treatments.

After looking at these areas, you will hopefully have the information that you need before getting Botox treatments. Many people get these injections for plastic surgery. They probably do not take it seriously as something that could possibly hurt them. It is a completely different story to have this treatment for some of the medical reasons for which it may be used. Even for your anti-aging, it is still important to have someone reliable take care of it. For medical issues, it is essential that you take the correct steps before going forward with this treatment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Botox, Grand Rapids, MI, has the staff at Carlson Laser Aesthetics, who can help. Make sure that you look the way you want to, and learn about the ways to keep your youthful look by visiting


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It Can Be Helpful to Use Botox for Something Other Than Cosmetic Reasons