Dog Car Seats – Yes Or No?

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A dog in a car

What your puppy likes to do in the car? Lie quietly in one place till you reach your destination? Oh, you are so lucky then! Most of dogs, especially the small ones, do not like to lie quietly in one place, because they wish to be close to us and to see everything what’s going on outside the car. So they keep moving to find the right position and may lie on your knees (while you’re driving) or lie on the front panel. The dog feels happy now, but how about you? Can you drive with no stress? Do you feel safe for yourself and for your dog?


Car seats for dog as car seats for children?

No one can travel in the car without fastening seat belt, because in the worst case scenario it would lead to serious injuries or even death. A different situation is with small children, because they cannot be fastened securely with seat belts – they are simply too small for them. That’s why car seats for children were invented and now everyone can be fasten securely and travel as safe as possible. But… how about our pets? They need the same safety as we and our children! Unfortunately, they are too small and psychically not suitable to be fastened with seat belts as humans. In order to solve this problem, a dog car seat was invented. Now you can safely travel with your children and your pet. Do not leave the smallest family members at home – chose one of many dog car seats available in shops and online and travel all together.

What dog car seat to choose?

As we came to conclusion that car seats for dogs are not just another one unnecessary thing in your home, let’s talk about them more widely. Today there are many manufacturers that offer different dog car seats, so you have many options to choose from. Different design, size, different fastening options and even more. Many offer just simple dog car seats, but Toitert manufacture universal ones – you can use them as a car seat, dog carrier (worn over the shoulder) and as a sleeping bag. They create car seats that are safe, easy to use (just few seconds to attach it in a car and convert to a carrier) and they are stylish! So many colors to choose from – no matter if you like minimalism or bright colors, be sure you will find what you’re looking for. Every one of their car seats is handmade from high quality materials, so one-time investment will bring not one year of safe and comfortable travels for all of your family.

Dog car seats – totally YES!

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