Dog Car Seats – Yes Or No?

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A dog in a car

What your puppy likes to do in the car? Lie quietly in one place till you reach your destination? Oh, you are so lucky then! Most of dogs, especially the small ones, do not like to lie quietly in one place, because they wish to be close to us and to see everything what’s going on outside the car. So they keep moving to find the right position and may lie on your knees (while you’re driving) or lie on the front panel. The dog feels happy now, but how about you? Can you drive with no stress? Do you feel safe for yourself and for your dog?


Car seats for dog as car seats for children?

No one can travel in the car without fastening seat belt, because in the worst case scenario it would lead to serious injuries or even death. A different situation is with small children, because they cannot be fastened securely with seat belts – they are simply too small for them. That’s why car seats for children were invented and now everyone can be fasten securely and travel as safe as possible. But… how about our pets? They need the same safety as we and our children! Unfortunately, they are too small and psychically not suitable to be fastened with seat belts as humans. In order to solve this problem, a dog car seat was invented. Now you can safely travel with your children and your pet. Do not leave the smallest family members at home – chose one of many dog car seats available in shops and online and travel all together.

What dog car seat to choose?

As we came to conclusion that car seats for dogs are not just another one unnecessary thing in your home, let’s talk about them more widely. Today there are many manufacturers that offer different dog car seats, so you have many options to choose from. Different design, size, different fastening options and even more. Many offer just simple dog car seats, but Toitert manufacture universal ones – you can use them as a car seat, dog carrier (worn over the shoulder) and as a sleeping bag. They create car seats that are safe, easy to use (just few seconds to attach it in a car and convert to a carrier) and they are stylish! So many colors to choose from – no matter if you like minimalism or bright colors, be sure you will find what you’re looking for. Every one of their car seats is handmade from high quality materials, so one-time investment will bring not one year of safe and comfortable travels for all of your family.

Dog car seats – totally YES!

The Five Easy Methods Of Successful Puppy Training. You Can Easily Train Your Puppy Before It Is Three Months Old

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Submitted by: Annette Masse

It used to be the case that dog training courses didn’t begin until a dog was 6 months of age. Twelve months, as believed by some trainers, was soon enough. Most people now believe that the first few months of a puppies life are the most valuable and important time to start training.

Puppies are always learning new things.

Puppies are learning each and every day.

They will learn whether we formally train them or not.


Puppies learn quickly since they have no prior experience in any situation.

Because puppies are so open-minded, they can be molded into wonderful, obedient pets.

Though there are several training methods, I prefer the one kindest to the dogs.

We can’t cover everything in one short article but here is the big picture.

One: Opportunity Training – This type of training introduces the puppy to training without him realizing it.

Two: Attention Training – When introducing a brand new command, I wait until the puppy is doing that command before I give it. I introduce the command “Watch” as the puppy is awaiting his reward. Because the dog has a very short attention span, you must praise him immediately.

Three: The Sit – Kneel on the ground and get the puppy’s attention by allowing him to sniff the treat in your hand. Place your hand above the puppy’s head. Because it is easier to look up at the treat while sitting, it will naturally go into the sitting position. Only when the pup sits can you use the sit command and give praise. Repeat this about 9 or 10 times.

Four: The Down – This begins in much the same way as the sit. However, this time your open hand is used to cup over the treats. The puppy will use different methods to try and get the food. He can smell the food but he cannot see it. He will attempt to move your hand out of the way using his nose. Then, he will realize it is much easier to simply lay down. Reward him and give the command “down” as soon as he lays down, while his is still in the down position.

Five: The Recall – The recall or “come” command is crucial for the behavior and safety of the dog. This command can be taught at the same time as down, sit, and stay. Have someone kneel on the ground and hold the dog. Kneel or sit a short distance from the puppy. Get the dog to look at you by placing both hands in front of you. Immediately give the “come” command. After your have the dog’s attention, ask the helper to release him. Speaking the command, “come” with lots of excitement and praise as the dog runs toward you. Give him a tidbit in reward and praise upon his arrival. Do not try to make the puppy sit or lay at the same time. Until he understands the one exercise, repeat it again and again.

Remember that even young puppies can be taught quite a bit. The little ones can learn quite quickly when good technique and a great attitude are present. Keep in mind that the idea behind training is to build confidence and a bond between owner and dog. Training exercises should be done in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This will encourage the puppy to want to learn.

About the Author: Annette Masse, better knows as Betty Bulldog has been loving and respecting dogs for 25 years. Please take her complementary course “Love Your DogZ” for you and your dog.


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