It’s Time To Maintain Healthy Herds

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Cow health is extremely vital to dairy herd profitability. Healthy cows and buffaloes will obviously take your business to a whole new level. When you invest so heavily in your dairy farm business then you obviously want it to be a profitable venture for you.

Just as you should know about things before starting your own dairy homestead, you should also know about the health problems that your cattle herd is suffering from.

The cows and buffaloes in your dairy farm should be in excellent health so that they can give you good quality milk and superior reproductive performance. Animal Pharmaceutical Companies in India have time and again maintained that high-production cows are susceptible to a number of diseases. Whether it is bone related disease or skin related diseases, they suffer from all; Mastitis, bone fever, endometritis, milk fever to name a few. Your dairy animals may also suffer from digestive disorders, stomach infections, toe and foot problems etc. Vision loss also results in accidents, mishaps and instability in your herd. Bad digestive system slowly results in loss of appetite, diarrhoea and there is a possibility that they may develop some or the other type of allergy or deficiency at some stage of their life. Milk fever is typically characterized by reduced blood calcium level, female cows are more prone to milk fever, whereas older breeds may get most probably affected by bone fever.

Let’s talk about skin diseases, there are a number of itchy skin diseases, rashes, redness and swelling that your dairy animals suffer. Veterinary Product Manufacturers in India believe that unexpected leukaemia disease can also affect your dairy farm herd’s health to a large extent. If undetected then leukaemia can lead to untimely deaths.

Ultimately diseases like the ones mentioned above will lead to heavy financial loss because of the money spent on treating the diseases, ambulance services, frequent veterinarian visits etc. An untimely death is also one reason where you can incur hefty amount of losses.

So what is the solution? How can you as a dairy farm owner maintain healthy herd? Let’s find out:

  • Early Detection: Something that you should definitely do. The moment you start noticing signs, you should go in for early detection. What are the first signs of various diseases? Well you will notice a change in milk production, change in its quality, behavioural changes, bodily changes as well as mood swings all make up for earliest indicators of the disease.
  • Early Treatment: As soon as you have found out about the early signs, you should go in for the treatment options and not wait for too long. Consult a good veterinarian and he will guide you in the right direction and also suggest you good Indian Veterinary Products. Good medication will reduce the duration of treatment and most of the times the need for medicine.
  • Robustness: Powerful detection facilities operating 24×7 will detect even the minutest problem that your herd is suffering from. They will provide you with best of facilities, medications and help that you need to treat the cows in farm.

Let’s talk about Prevention:

  • A weekly inspection of the homestead will prove to be quite handy for you, here you can individually check on all the cows and look out for ways you can treat them.
  • Early detection of feeding problems is a rule that you should compulsorily implement as owner of your dairy homestead.

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