US toy retail giant Toys R Us files for bankruptcy in US, Canada

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

On Monday night, New Jersey, US-based toy retail giant Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy in the US as well as in Canada. The retailer filed it from Richmond, Virginia for Chapter 11 bankruptcy code in the US, and a judge allowed a loan of over US$2 billion.

According to the filing, the retail chain owns US$6.6 billion in assets, but has a debt of US$7.9 billion. They were under a roughly US$5 billion debt since the company underwent a three-way acquisition in 2005. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Bain Capital, and Vornado Realty Trust acquired Toys R Us for around US$7 to US$7.5 billion. After the US judge approved a loan, Toys R Us received about US$3 billion from the lenders to continue the business and survive a competitive market, and restructure their business model. E-commerce giant, Walmart and Target are some of the competitors for the conventional ‘brick and mortar’ toy shop, with lower priced-merchandise and fast, cheap delivery. In a conference call in June, CEO Dave Brandon said “very, very aggressive pricing online” was causing problems. He also said the company was experiencing “significant weakness in demand for their products globally”. Toys R Us are to clear a debt of US$400 million by May 2018.

Toys R Us said they would continue to operate for the holiday season. Bankruptcy lawyer Jeff Gleit said Toys R Us “need to do both a financial restructuring as well as an operational restructuring” and “needs to modernize with the times”. Last holiday season, Toys R Us made sales around US$4.5 billion. Overall, the company reported a US$29 million loss in 2016. CEO Brandon said, “Our objective is to work with our debt holders and other creditors to restructure the US$5 billion of long-term debt on our balance sheet, which will provide us with greater financial flexibility to invest in our business”.

Toys R Us employs more than 60 thousand people in 38 countries around the world in more than 1600 stores. The company’s stocks fell by six percent after filing for Chapter 11 protection. US bankruptcy code Chapter 11 allows the company to restructure under a plan approved by the court. The company would also be shielded from creditors’ claims during the process. For the stores located in Canada, Toys R Us filed bankruptcy in Ontario and are to undergo reorganisation. However, 259 stores located outside the US or Canada will not undergo reorganisation, the company said.

Over 300 US-based retailers have filed for bankruptcy this year, and hundreds of stores closed.

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Aluminum Extrusion: Effective Use Of An Abundant Metal

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By Patrick T. Tremblay

Aluminum extrusion marries the abundance of aluminum to manufacturing methods that take into account the metals special features. Guided by the aluminum extrusion process, the designer feels free to coordinate his or her design with five considerations. Those are the five factors that determine the specifics of each extrusion process.

Before commencing an aluminum extrusion process, the designer must first ascertain the function of the aluminum part that needs to be made. Then the designer must define the size and shape of an aluminum part that could perform that specific function.

Often the designer chooses at this point to make a sketch of the proposed part. The designer normally includes in a drawing his or her visualization of the various elements in the proposed part. The drawing shows how the part would be situated in some pre-determined space. The drawing gives the precise dimensions for each section of whatever needs to be created by the extrusion process.

The designer then examines the drawing, and ponders the degree to which it agrees with the factors desired by the part requestor. Does the designers proposed part have the eye appeal or functionality that the requestor demands? Has the part been shaped so as to fit well into the total of assembled parts?

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Aluminum excursion yields a part in which the cross section is a constant diameter. Does the part suggested by the design concept agree with the known tolerance of aluminum? Does the proposed design call for any finish on the aluminum? Does it require that the aluminum be alloyed with another metal? What is the circumference of the area that would surround the proposed design?

Those are the factors that a good designer must take into consideration. Those are the factors that guide the specifics of the aluminum extrusion process. During that process, an extrusion die lets a molten metal flow through a shaped aperture.

Aluminum extrusion bears a strong resemblance to the process used by the baker when he or she uses a special cone to put icing on a cake. The baker applies force to the icing. The cone must hold back the icing that is at the edges of the cones aperture. In the same way, the extrusion die must prevent leakage of molten aluminum from the sides of the die opening.

Aluminum extrusion gives the manufacturer a low cost and easy way to create multiple parts with the same design. At times some of those parts need to be joined to other metal parts. Aluminum extrusion can aid the uniting of two metal parts.

Aluminum extrusion can be used to put engraved guides into the extruded aluminum. Those guides can show where rivets should be placed, if the aluminum piece is to be joined to another metal piece. Aluminum extrusion also gives a manufacturer a way to put a vee groove in the extruded metal. Such a vee groove can assist the welder, the worker who must prepare the equipment that can bond the aluminum to another metal piece.

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Freighter hits fishing boat in Gulf of Suez; thirteen dead

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A freighter hit a fishing boat around midnight on Sunday morning in the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea. Of the 40 Egyptian fisherman on board, thirteen are dead and thirteen more missing.

Survivor Al Sayyed Mohamed Arafat told local media he jumped from the fishing boat, named Badr al-Islam, as the container ship approached. He says he hung onto a wooden crate for four hours before rescue. Local authorities have promised compensation to each survivor.

A vessel, flagged in Panama, suspected to be involved in the collision has been detained by the military. The army said yesterday one victim raised the alarm by phone and the military sent four boats and a helicopter to commence search and rescue off the Gabal al-Zayt coastline.

A plane has since joined the search. The military say the fishing boat lacked safety equipment for emergency communications.

The detained ship was found south of the Gulf, near the port of Safaga. It was carrying 220 tonnes of cargo according to the General Authority for the Red Sea Ports.

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World’s largest passenger airliner makes first flight

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April 27, 2005

The world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, has made its maiden flight after lifting off from Toulouse in France.

The take-off, at 08:30 UTC, was apparently normal and took place exactly on time. The aircraft flew into clear blue skies with a flight crew of six (all wearing parachutes as a safety precaution) and twenty tonnes of test equipment on board.

Around 50,000 people watched the maiden flight, many sitting on grass banks lining the runway. More people watched the flight on a giant screen erected in the centre of Toulouse.

The test flight lasted four hours, with the aircraft flying no higher than 10,000 nor further than 100 miles from Toulouse as it circled the Bay of Biscay.

The A380, known for many years during its development phase as the Airbus A3XX, will be the largest airliner in the world by a substantial margin when it enters service.

The first A380 prototype was unveiled during a lavish ceremony in Toulouse, France, on January 18, 2005. Its manufacturer’s serial number is 001, and it is registered F-WWOW.

The new Airbus will initially be sold in two versions: the A380-800, a full double-decker configuration, able to carry 555 passengers in a three-class configuration or up to 800 passengers in a single-class economy configuration. Range for the A380-800 model is expected to be 8,000 nautical miles (14,800 km). The second model, the A380-800F dedicated freighter, will carry 150 tons of cargo 5,600 miles (10,400 km).

The cost of the project so far is £8.4bn, £1bn over budget. 144 planes have already been ordered. Singapore Airlines, which will be the first company to operate the new air giant, in July 2006, have opened a reservation site for this first regular flight.

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Dentist Winchester Va: How To Prevent Bad Breath

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Dentist Winchester VA: How To Prevent Bad Breath


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Dentist Winchester VA: How To Prevent Bad Breath


Like most people in Winchester Virginia you probably follow a routine every morning when you get up, and every night before you go to bed. Most people brush their teeth at either both or one of those occasions. However, this is not enough to always get you through the day. Sometimes bad breath can creep up when you least expect it. Here are a few tips to help you avoid some potentially embarrassing situations with halitosis.

Does maintaining good dental health prevent bad breath? Vic Saunders of The Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute in Winchester Va says that, Yes in most all cases maintaining good dental health does prevent bad breath. While there are some rare instances in which a systemic problem can contribute to bad breath in someone with good dental health, this is rare. By far the leading cause of bad breath is related to poor dental health and concerns with dental hygiene. Plaque is a sticky film that constantly forms and if it is not effectively removed daily, will quickly contribute to bad breath. Our doctors are experts at helping you eliminate this problem and will help you prevent it if you do not.

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One of the most important and healthy things to remember is to drink plenty of water. Sounds fiendishly simple doesn’t it? Bad breath is caused by the anaerobic bacteria in your mouth breaking down protein and sugars you ingest. These little guys thrive in hot dry conditions. Keeping your mouth cool and wet with a lot of water limits how much they can replicate.

Along with drinking plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables also help. These foods are a way to naturally clean your mouth. Not only are these foods good for your overall health, they are good for your oral health. Oral health is a very important step in taking care of oral hygiene. Visiting your dentists in Winchester and brushing and flossing regularly are part of the overall oral hygiene. Make sure to also treat any oral diseases you may have.

Dentists in Winchester Virginia say that some of the modern mouthwashes and dental care products may not be the best for your mouth. You may be shocked at that statement. Most mouthwashes contain large amounts of alcohol that will kill 99.99% of all the germs in your mouth. That is a great marketing tactic, yet alcohol leads to a dry mouth. As stated above, these bacteria thrive in dry conditions. In effect, the mouthwash just killed most of the germs, but established the perfect breeding ground for a new batch.

According to a dentist in Winchester VA, there are some good tactics to prevent bad breath at the source, and some things in your diet can lead to bad breath. Coffee for instance has a pretty distinct smell. Switching to an alternative, such as tea can help reduce bad breath. Coffee builds up a thin layer of residue on your tongue and teeth, which blocks the oxygen. Again, this is another breeding ground just for the breeding of bad breath. Tea has been shown to actually help reduce the buildup of these germs.

If you are a gum chewer, there is a major food source for all of those little beasties that cause bad breath. Sugar is a high powered food source that lets the germs thrive. Switching to a sugar free gum can give you the flavor of gum while not giving your bacteria a food source.

All of these things can contribute to bad breath, according to a Dentist in Winchester Va. Bad breath is not caused by any one thing. It may be more predominant in some than others, but it can affect everyone. Remember, change up the diet and take care of your oral hygiene and you can prevent bad breath. Keep your mouth cool with fresh fruits and lots of water and you will no longer have to worry about halitosis causing a problem in your social life.

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“PGR4” pre-launch in Taiwan: TOP Drivers’ Derby

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

After the launch of “Halo 3” on Tuesday (September 25), Microsoft promoted a brand new Xbox360 racing game “Project Gotham Racing 4” (PGR4) with a friendship match as a “TOP on TOP” competition between Taiwanese World Cyber Games (WCG) PGR3 Delegate You-cheng Liu and “Drift Master of Taiwan” Po-hsiung Chou at YAMAHA MotorTown in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Before the friendship match, Cary Chen (Senior Product Marketing Manager of Entertainment and Device Division, Microsoft Taiwan) show the new features on PGR4 to the press, VIPs, and guests and praised the “PGR” game series with the “Kudos” skill points. He remarked that in the “PGR4”, not only joined new car type and racing motorcycles, but also add Dynamic Weather System feature for the performance of new different type experiences on weathers, driving, and racing lane.

Chen also remarked that PGR series is surely respected because of the racing game competition factor on WCG from 2006. This “PGR” series can realize lots of dreams of players on making some special skills which can’t be done on reality. With the Xbox Live linking, PGR series has successfully made a great achievement.

After the presentation and demos, Microsoft Taiwan held a friendship match. Before the match, Y. C. Liu welcomed P. H. Chou with Chou drove a BMW car to the main entrance. After the entrance, the match started. With the witnesses of VIPs, press, and players, Liu won the friendship match by the turning fault of Chou. Even though Chou wanted to invite Live as a racer in reality after the match, but Liu temporarily declined with his consideration.

Microsoft Taiwan announced that the Chinese Version of “PGR4” will be available on October 5, and welcomed players competing with “I want ‘PGR4’ Helmet!” photo competition. And also, “Yamaha PGR4 Cup – Taiwan Driving Master Championship” will be held and set qualification section in October and final section in December of Information Month in Taipei.

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US drone strike kills eight in Pakistan’s tribal region

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Monday, December 22, 2008

A suspected United States military air strike launched by a remote-controlled and unmanned CIA aircraft on Monday morning killed at least 8 militants. Media reports claim that in two separate attacks, three missiles were fired by US drones at South Waziristan’s Karikot and Shin Warsak villages, a tribal area in northwest Pakistan, well-known as center of Taliban and Al-Qaeda activity. The site of the attack is about nine miles (15 km) from the town of Wana in South Waziristan, an ungoverned tribal region.

South Waziristan is the southern part of Waziristan, a mountainous region of northwest Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan and covering some 11,585 km² (4,473 mi²). It comprises the area west and southwest of Peshawar between the Tochi River to the North and the Gomal river to the south, forming part of Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The North-West Frontier Province lies immediately to the east. The region was an independent tribal territory from 1893, remaining outside of British-ruled empire and Afghanistan. Tribal raiding into British-ruled territory was a constant problem for the British, requiring frequent punitive expeditions between 1860 and 1945. The region became part of Pakistan in 1947.

A senior security official said that “two vehicles fitted with guns were destroyed,” adding that “the eight people killed were all inside the vehicles.” Pakistani intelligence said they believed the extremists killed were members of local Pakistani Taliban groups. The reports also said that the missiles “targeted vehicles mounted with anti-aircraft guns, and one missile missed its intended target and landed near a house.” A local official said nine other extremists were wounded in the drone strike.

Agence France-Presse has reported that “a missile attack late last month by a US jet killed Rashid Rauf, the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind of a 2006 transatlantic airplane bombing plot, as well as an Egyptian Al-Qaeda operative, security officials have said.” US unmanned drones have launched not less than 20 missile attacks in Pakistan Afghan border or tribal areas since August. The strikes have raised tensions between Washington and Islamabad.

In November, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani viewed these missile strikes as flagrant violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. He announced his government was considering “a number of options to counter attacks”. BBC has reported, however, that Pakistan “has been reluctant to move either diplomatically or militarily to stop these strikes.” “This has fuelled speculation that the attacks may be part of a secret pact between Pakistan and the US,” it added. Meanwhile, President George W. Bush, last week, said that “you know very well that when it comes to certain matters, the U.S. government doesn’t discuss operations.” He ruled out consultations with other governments, including Pakistan, prior to drone strikes operations.

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NASA: Series of errors led to loss of Mars Global Surveyor

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

A complex series of events, including a five month-old computer error, was responsible for the battery failure that led to the loss of NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor last year, an internal review board says. Findings from a preliminary report released on Friday say that while NASA controllers followed procedures while operating the craft, the procedures did not cover the types of errors that occurred.

According to NASA, on November 2, 2006, the Global Surveyor was ordered to perform a routine adjustment of its solar panels. However, the Global Surveyor reoriented to an angle that exposed one of its two batteries to direct sunlight. The battery overheated, which led to the depletion of both batteries. An incorrect setting in antenna orientation prevented Global Surveyor from relaying its status to NASA controllers. Its preprogrammed systems did not take into account the need to maintain a thermally safe orientation.

That was the last communication that NASA controllers had with the spacecraft.

The Global Surveyor was the first US mission to Mars in twenty years, For ten years, the craft returned detailed information to NASA scientists providing new insights, including evidence that appeared to show the presence of water on Mars and identification of deposits of water-related minerals, which led to selection of a Mars rover landing site.

“The loss of the spacecraft was the result of a series of events linked to a computer error made five months before the likely battery failure,” said Dolly Perkins, board chairperson and deputy director-technical of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

The board concluded that NASA controllers had followed procedures, but that the procedures did not adequately cover the type of errors that occurred. In its final report, the board will offer recommendations applicable to future missions.

“We are making an end-to-end review of all our missions to be sure that we apply the lessons learned from Mars Global Surveyor to all our ongoing missions,” said Fuk Li, Mars Exploration Program manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Global Surveyor was the longest operating spacecraft at Mars and had lasted four times longer than expected.

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Top 4 Reasons Why The Use Of Colors Is Important In Professional Web Design

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By Michael Bryksa

A couple hundred years ago, a poor painter named Van Gogh decided to apply a thick mixture of yellow paint on an empty canvass. The result was nothing like anybody had seen before: Van Gogh captured the essence of the Mediterranean countryside on a piece of paper. Van Gogh was a true genius.

But nowadays you could look at the exact same painting on a computer monitor and see an entirely different picture. Why is that? Because the internet isn’t “color perfect”. A lot of web designers don’t know the first thing about colors on the internet.

Colors can effectively make or break a website, which can make or break your business. If you want to come up with a nice-looking website, you better make sure you know which color fits exactly which section of the website.

Here are 4 reasons why the proper use of colors is essential for any website:

1. Colors express personality

YouTube Preview Image

Most of the time you could guess the main subject topic of a website based on the designer’s expert use of colors. For apparel websites, light color combinations are best so they don’t drown out the items up for sale. For websites aimed at young children, bright colors work wonders.

Do you see where I’m getting at? Colors are your website’s best bet at making a good first impression. So work on it.

2. Colors introduce visitors to the site content

Do you remember what happened back then when Google decided to implement a background image on its front page? Hell froze over, that’s what happened.

People liked the plain white background because it cements the purpose of the Google page – a fast, no bullsh*t, and easy to use search engine. The same should be true with your website. Is your color palette complimenting your website or is it distracting from it?

3. Colors set the tone for gender

Men like blue, orange and red. Women prefer yellow and pink. Stuff like this is good to know when you’re designing a website that aims to cater to a specific gender. Imagine for a second shopping for a pair of slick Nike basketball shoes online and you’re greeted with a colorful explosion of orange and pink colors and yellow sunflowers.

4. Colors can set the mood

Colors have meanings.

For example, red is used to denote passion and excitement, and can set off feelings of aggression and even violence. The color orange can come off as informal and joyful. Yellow is the same color as sunshine. It sets off an upbeat feeling of optimism and bright energy. Nature and life is denoted by the color green. Blue as we all know by now is about being calm and cool and in control.

Use these significant associations to influence in some small way how visitors should view your website.

Effective use of colors is essential to any website. Don’t take it for granted and think content is all it matters. Content is king, but it definitely isn’t everything.

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FCC extends 911 deadline for VoIP

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The US Federal Communications Commission has extended the deadline for Enhanced 911 compliance by VoIP| (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers until Oct 31, 2005. Last May, the FCC issued an order requiring VoIP providers to implement E911 within 120 days. This order also required providers to notify customers of the 911 limitations. Customers who did not acknowledge these limitations would have their services terminated.

This extension gives providers extra time to connect the networks to 911 services, and warn users of the limitations. If the FCC had not granted this extension, at least 10,000 users would have been disconnected.

According to the FCC at least 21 VoIP providers have received an acknowledgment from all customers of the 911 limitations. 32 additional VoIP providers have received an acknowledgment from 90 percent or more of their customers. VoIP providers who have not met the 90% goal could face enforcement proceedings starting October 31, 2005.

FCC said in a statement “it is evident that many providers have devoted significant resources to notifying each of their subscribers of the limitations of their 911 service and obtaining acknowledgements from each of their subscribers.”

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